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2009 Phi Beta Kappa Scholars Announced

116 students admitted to prestigious honor society
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By Submitted by Prof. Michael Resler  |
Each year, the Omicron chapter of Phi Beta Kappa invites 80-100 senior students and 5-15  junior students to join Phi Beta Kappa. Students are nominated for membership based on the excellence of their academic performance at Boston College. Although a high grade point average is required for membership, many students have also completed theses in their disciplines or other kinds of challenging academic projects. Students are selected annually during the spring semester of the academic year.

Phi Beta Kappa is the most prestigious academic honorary society in the United States. Founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, and nurtured early on at Harvard and Yale, the Society is currently established at 262 of the foremost colleges and universities in the nation. Annually it elects to membership the most outstanding seniors, and a handful of truly exceptional juniors, who have followed curricula in the liberal arts and sciences. The criteria for election are superior scholarship and good character.

Class of 2009 - Elected in 2008

Adam A. Berkland, Paul D. Cappellucci, Kristina M. Conroy, Haessly E. Frantz, Robert J. Kubala, Timothy R. Mooney, Erika Runge, Peter R. Sempolinski and Andrew W. Straub

Class of 2009 - Elected in 2009

Nadia C. Aboussir, Allison P. Arp, Alison K. Bacon, Sheila D. Ballintine, Mallory P. Barnett, Alexander L. Batchilo, Joy Batra, Rebecca A. Bills, David C. Bluhm, Mark S. Buttweiler, Michael T. Camacho, Jonathan P. Cardosi, Paul A. Casinelli, Xander Cerretani, Christian J. Clark, Andrew H. Cole, Katelyn E. Coleman, Patrick B. Corcoran, Danielle M. Cortesa, Jason W. Croft, Aimee J. Delaporta, Kelley M. Dentino, Richard Vincent Embser, David B. Emerson, Lauren E. Evangelista, Brett Q. Ford, Jessica Frattaroli, Lauren J. Gillooly, Shannon Grady, Katherine E. Griwert, Kia A. Guarino, Matthew C. Hamilton, Kerry A. Harnett, Zainul S. Hasanali, William J. Hendriksen, Michael L. Hoffman, Cooley A. Horner, Jacqueline B. Hubbell, Timothy J. Kelly, Timothy J. Kulis, Alison L. Kurkul, Michelle Lamy, Pilar C. Landon, Christopher C. Lee, Alexandra Y. Lee, John D. Letizi, Sarah Lucie, Evin B. Luongo, Ian C. McIntire, Jessica M. McLoughlin, Patrick C. Mullane, Laura R. Mumau, Elizabeth A. Mumford, Molly A. Murphy, Tokufumi J. Noda, Edward T. O'Leary, Ryan J. O'Neil, Gino J. Orlandi, Alicia M. Parmentier, Celso J. Perez, Katie M. Phillips, Nicole M. Picone, Theodore T. Pierce, Kathleen A. Pope, Thomas W. Quan, Jeffrey S. Renshaw, Dorothy E. Rimmelin, Madeleine K. Rodriguez, Alec D. Rose, Colin P. Ryan, Victoria J. Ryan, Kelly A. Sagar, Jon Sege, Priya F. Selvam, Matthew J. Shepard, Alan C. Shirfan, Alyson M. Silkowski, Kelly T. Skrodzki, Dorothy A. Smith, Katherine E. Solberg, Geoffrey Stoker, Trevor Stuart, Daniel Sugrue, William Sugrue, Jianxiong Sun, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Suydam, Adam H. Swain,
Molly C. Tormey, Mairead E. Townley, Huy Q. Trinh, Christopher Michael Trueax, Svetlana Turova, Patrick Viklund, Stephen C. Waniak,
Allison M. Whalen, Kristina Wilson, Nicole E. M. Wong, Noelle E. Wyman, Krystal H. Yu and Ta Chi Zhong Hu,

Class of 2009-December graduation

Kathryn R. Smith

Class of 2010 - Elected in 2009

Jennifer E. Byrne, Patrick R. Cassidy, Jessica P. Hartman, Cecelia C. McDonald, Nicole M. Padilla and Jeffery Y. Zhang