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Alexi Chi, Editor in Chief of the Heights. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)

Six to Remember: Alexi Chi

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By Jack Dunn | Director of News & Public Affairs
Published: May 12, 2010
Alexi Chi

St. Louis, MO

Major: History

Activities: Editor in Chief of the Heights; College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program; Carroll School of Management Microfinance Service Immersion Trip, Bolivia; French Summer Study Program, l'Universite' Denis Diderot, Paris.   

Post-graduation plans: 
Paralegal at Rose, Chinitz & Rose Law Firm, Boston; law school in 2011.

Overview: A gifted writer and respected voice of students, this former editor in chief of the Heights, whose labor of love often exceeded 50 hours per week, managed and mentored more than 150 students and helped the twice-weekly paper win a coveted ACP Pacemaker Award for editorial content, while also launching a state-of-the-art website that has enhanced visibility and readership during the newspaper's 90th anniversary year.  

Q:How have your activities influenced your four years at Boston College?

My work at the Heights has been life changing. As a freshman I was shy and unsure of my leadership abilities. The Heights gave me the self-confidence that will benefit me in the professional world. It also gave me the opportunity to do things I didn't think I'd enjoy. Having to run a 501(c)(3) organization, for example, caused me to take a course in accounting, and covering politics for the paper sparked an interest in me that I didn't think existed. The people I got to meet and the things I got to do as a reporter, editor and editor in chief have been amazing. Visiting Bolivia and France as part of service and learning trips was also a joy. There are so many activities offered at BC, and from my perspective those who take advantage of them have the best overall experience.

Q:Which faculty members have had the greatest effect on you?
Susan Michalczyk, adjunct associate professor (A&S Honors Program), reached out to me as a person, and helped me to become more creative and to take my writing to the next level.

Christian Samito, visiting assistant professor (History), was a talented and passionate classroom teacher who inspired me to pursue my senior thesis topic: The Constitutional Thought of Boston Abolitionists.

Fr. Arthur Madigan, SJ, professor (Philosophy), is the kindest person I have met at BC. He pushed me and all of his students to read in Greek and Hebrew and to memorize Shakespeare plays. He held us to the highest standards and made me a more learned student in the process.

Q:How did Boston College make a difference in your life?     
Attending a Jesuit university has been extremely influential in my life.  Social justice drives our experience and it changed my outlook on life and induced me to be less selfish and to use my talents to help others.  The values of this educational experience will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Q:What will you miss most about Boston College?
I will miss the collegial atmosphere, the learning and all the opportunities BC offers.  I will also miss the people I worked with at the Heights and in the BC administration. They have all been great and have helped me to realize the dreams I had when I arrived here four years ago.

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