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Robert Kubala (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)

Scholar, musician and volunteer

Part of our 'Six to Remember' series: Robert Kubala has embraced cura personalis, traveling the world for research and playing in several music groups
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By Melissa Beecher | Chronicle Staff
Robert Kubala

Hometown: Austin, Tex.

Major: Philosophy; minor in German Studies

Notable activities: Presidential Scholars Program; College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program; Marshall Award recipient; winner of Peter Gray Award for creative achievement in psychology; two-time winner of BC advanced study awards; pianist/organist for the Liturgy Arts Group; harpsichord player for Boston Collegium; Cura group member and retreat leader; senior editor for philosophy and theology at Dialogue

Post-Graduate Plans: Aspires to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps to be a philosophy professor and scholar. As a Marshall Scholar, he plans to enroll at St. Andrews University in Scotland and study for his master’s degree.

Overview: His scholarship has taken him to Germany and Iceland, his dedication to social justice to service trips to the Gulf Coast and volunteer work at the Suffolk County House of Corrections. A standout Marshall Award winner, his passions include music, research and writing.

Which faculty members have made the greatest impact?

Three, in particular: Mark O’Connor, director of the A&S Honors Program, for his unqualified moral support and encouragement on all of my projects; Prof. Michael Resler (German Studies) for being such a gracious friend; Prof. Patrick Byrne (Philosophy) for being an unparalleled teacher and someone who sat and listened to my many, many questions, providing so much one-on-one time during my four years.

How have your activities influenced your four years at Boston College?

The best thing about BC is its focus on cura personalis, that concept of care of the whole person. During my time here, I feel that the focus has not only be on intellectual achievement, but moral, social, spiritual pursuits…every activity has encouraged formation of the whole person. I’m just so thankful for the many opportunities I had here. The best thing about Boston College is that it is Catholic in the universal sense: all-inclusive and all embracing.

Any last words?

I’d have to say thanks to the Honors Program. You don’t enroll in the program to become culturally literate or impress people at cocktail parties. I feel you read texts to better know yourself. I never read a book for the sake of knowing about the past. It was always to take the best of the tradition and incorporate it into conversations today. I’m thankful to the part of that conversation here at Boston College.

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