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Patrick Fouhy (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)

Editor, top student, passionate leader

Patrick Fouhy has earned a reputation for fairness, loyalty and a willingness to speak for BC and its students
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By Jack Dunn | Director of Public Affairs
'Six to Remember' is a series of short profiles on some of the most outstanding members of the Class of 2009. From scholars to activists to volunteers, this class had a special mix of talent, leadership and drive.

Patrick Fouhy

Hometown: North Andover, Mass.

Major: Economics and history

Notable Activities: Editor-in-Chief of the Heights; President of Alpha Sigma Nu, Jesuit National Honor Society; PULSE Program
Post-Graduation Plans: Analyst, Technology Investment Banking Group, Deutsche Bank Securities, Boston. 

Overview: One of BC’s top business students and most active and passionate student leaders, this former Editor in Chief of the Heights—who dedicated up to 50 hours per week at the paper while finding time for volunteer, service-learning and internship opportunities— won the respect of the BC community for his fairness, loyalty and willingness to speak publicly on behalf of the University and its students.

How have your activities influenced your four years at Boston College?

Working as the editor-in-chief of the Heights forced me to engage the University community at a higher level and to think about campus happenings in a different light. It also made me manage my time extremely well, forcing me to find an appropriate balance between the Heights, academics and my social activities. 

Which faculty members/mentors have had the greatest effect on you?

McIntyre Professor of Economics Joe Quinn is such an incredibly gifted teacher. You always walk away with a good sense and understanding of the subject matter because of his teaching skill and passion. 

Assoc. Prof. Richard McGowan, SJ (Economics), is a dynamic professor who cares so much about preparing students for the real world. You can’t graduate from CSOM without taking a course with him.

Assoc. Prof. Mark Gelfand (History) is an incredible person and great educator who is passionate about sharing history with others.

How did Boston College make a difference in your life?

BC gave me a strong academic foundation and challenged me to think about my place in a complicated world. I received a moral and ethical compass that is helpful in preparing me for a career in investment banking. BC promises to educate the whole person, and it lives up to that.  There is also an incredible sense of community here that I don’t think you find at other schools.

What will you miss most about BC?

I will miss faculty, staff and administrators who educated and mentored me, but even more, I will miss my friends as we move on to jobs, grad school and new lives away from BC.

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