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Science Faculty Roundup


By Office of News & Public Affairs |

Published: Sept. 5, 2013

An international team of researchers led by Associate Professor of Physics Vidya Madhavan and Assistant Professor Stephen Wilson reported in the journal Science’s online Science Express that their experiments have revealed unique properties of materials known as topological crystalline insulators. Link:

Chemistry Department Chairman Amir Hoveyda and Professor of Chemistry Marc Snapper reported in Nature Chemistry that they used a new, computationally inspired strategy to produce a more efficient chemical reaction from a highly-valued catalyst their team has been developing since 2006. Link:

Vanderslice Professor of Chemistry Larry Scott and colleagues from Nagoya University in Japan reported in Nature Chemistry that they had synthesized the first example of a new form of carbon consisting of multiple identical pieces of “grossly warped graphene.” Link:

Professor of Physics David Broido and colleagues reported in Physical Review Letters that cubic boron arsenide could deliver extraordinarily high thermal conductivity – on par with the industry standard set by costly diamond. Link:

Associate Professor of Physics Willie Padilla reported in Optics Express that his lab used a laser beam to send a detailed set of instructions that create a coded aperture, enabling a new method that may help tame terahertz waves in order to create new imaging technology. Link: