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Catholic Press Association Honor for Fr. Hollenbach


By Office of News & Public Affairs |

Published: Jluly 18, 2013

An article co-authored by Theology Professor David Hollenbach, SJ, holder of the University Chair in Human Rights and International Justice, is part of a special issue of America magazine that has received the 2013 first place award from the Catholic Press Association for best coverage of religious liberty issues.

In the March 2012 piece, Fr. Hollenbach and Thomas A. Shannon, professor emeritus of religion and social ethics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, analyzed issues related to religious freedom that were roiling the presidential election: “The Catholic understanding of religious freedom stands in sharp contrast to secularizing approaches to public life and privatistic interpretations of the place of religion. The contrast is particularly evident in the way the US bishops have linked their opposition to same-sex relationships and gay marriage to their exercise of religious freedom. They state that the human rights of all persons must be protected, but that this ‘should be done without sacrificing the bedrock of society that is marriage and the family and without violating the religious liberty of persons and institutions.’

“This linkage echoes controversies about whether Catholic institutions can be legally required to provide family health care benefits for the partners of employees in same-sex relationships, provide adoption services to gay couples or fund insurance plans that cover contraception.”

The article, “A Balancing Act,” is available at