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Parting Thoughts: Reflections from 2011 Retirees

Harvey Egan, SJ (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)

Name: Harvey Egan, SJ

Title: Professor of Theology, College of Arts and Sciences

Years at BC: 36

“I have good memories of the quality of my undergraduate and graduate students. A special gift to Jesuits (and to their universities) is the opportunity not only to teach students, but also to be of priestly service to them: their marriages, baptisms, anointing of the sick, and the like --to be involved not only in their academic life but also in their spiritual-liturgical lives.”


G. Ramsay Liem

Title: Professor of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences

Years at BC:

“It's difficult to imagine leaving Boston College after so many years. Much has changed since I came to be part of an innovative graduate program applying psychological theory, research, and practice to issues of social and racial inequality.  But the university ethos of education for social justice and service to others has always attracted faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and administrators and staff with whom it has been my fortune to collaborate and I am grateful for their colleagueship. I look forward to continuing many of these relationships through part-time teaching in the Psychology Department and the Asian American Studies Program, and joining the Center for Human Rights and International Justice as a visiting fellow.”

Name: Ritchie P. Lowry

25 Years of Service
Administrators, faculty and staff who have retired or are marking 25 years of service to Boston College will be honored June 1 at a special dinner to be hosted by University President William P. Leahy, SJ.

Retiring this year are Joseph Appleyard, SJ, Michael Callnan, Ruth Chobit, Mary Lou Connelly, Esther Duray, Celeste Finison, Judith Kissane, Thomas Owens, Catherine Toran, Barbara Viechnicki, Harvey Egan, SJ, Walter Haney, G. Ramsay Liem, Ritchie Lowry, Charles Meyer, Sandra Mott, C. Peter Olivieri, Rita Olivieri, John Steczynski and Judith Wilt.

Twenty-five year administrators, faculty and staff are Jenny Baglivo, Frances Bates, Janet Bates, Giovanni Buonopane, James Clements, Jeffrey Cohen, Stephanie Coleman, David Corkum, Mary Crane, James Cronin, Mary Cronin, Mary Devlin, June Dunkley, Margery Ferry, Samuel Graves, Robert Gross, Stuart Hecht, Fr. Robert Imbelli, Richard Jefferson, Carolyn Jupiter-McIntosh, Mary Keane, Paul Kerrigan, Jose Martinez, Francisco Martins, Christopher Matthews, Joana Maynard, Joanne McAulay, James McInnis, Gil Miranda, Michael Mitsukawa, Elizabeth Napolitano, Rita Nicholson, Marcela Norton.

Also marking 25 years are Cidalia Pereira, James Repetti, Elizabeth Rhodes, Janet Ringuest, Jeffrey Ringuest, John Sachs, Kevin Saffo, Kenneth Schwartz, Laurie Shepard, Robert Sherwood, Luisa Sical, Sergio Sical, Laurie Simard, Howard Singer, Carlos Sousa, Mark Sullivan, Lisa Taddeo, Albert Travaglini, Victoria Varno, Sandra Waddock, Gerald Wall, Scott Washburn and Lamar Wright.

Title: Professor of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences

Years at BC: 45  

“I’ll miss teaching and interaction with the students. I can still read, do research, write, and attend meetings, but I will not have the opportunity to experience the views and perspectives of different generations of young people. Teaching is also a matter of learning from your students. I have loved teaching for other reasons as well. At my age (85) I have experienced and lived through World War II, the Cold War, McCarthyism, the Civil Rights Movement, opposition to the Vietnam War, and much more. I have been able to share these experiences with my students and use social theory and perspectives to help them understand what happened and the implications for current society. BC students are generally among the most committed to social and economic justice issues, and they have responded very well to the ideas I have shared with them. I will miss them both on the graduate and undergraduate level.”


Name: John Cawthorne

Title: Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Services, Lynch School of Education

Years at BC: 23 

“I will miss watching the students grow into mature and responsible young women and men. My favorite memory is the 14-year partnership with the Holy Family School in Natchez, Miss., and the relationship that has developed between the Lynch School and Holy Family.”


Name: Walt Haney

Title: Professor, Department of Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation, Lynch School of Education.

Years at BC: 29

“I will miss the people, the wonderful, wonderful people. Working with talented and eager graduate students. There are many I could name, but mention now just one: Cengiz Gulek. He was brilliant, incredibly hard working and funny. Even as he was dying, he reached out to tease me.” [Editor’s Note: Cengiz (James) Gulek PhD ’99 died of cancer in January of 2010 at age 41.]


Name: Judith Wilt

Title: Newton College Alumnae Professor in Western Culture, English Department, College of Arts and Sciences

Years at BC: 33

“I’m still working with five PhD students who are doing exams or writing dissertations, and I hope to teach one course a year in the English department for a few more years, since I’d like to be connected with the University during its 150th year anniversary celebration. But I will miss that day to day sense of involvement in the lives of scores of new young people every year, and especially the sense I developed over the past 33 years of being to a degree responsible for and a participant in the development of a grand institution with a profoundly important history.”