Boston College Annual Report 2003

.WHEN BOSTON COLLEGE LAUNCHED the Ever to Excel Campaign, it set out to achieve a few important goals: to strengthen its ability to educate the minds and hearts of society’s future leaders; to promote faculty research and the development of new ideas and understandings; and to ensure that the most talented students in the nation would have the financial means to attend a great university that is also committed to Catholic, Jesuit values.

As this Annual Report illustrates, those goals and many others have been met thanks to this capital campaign, the most ambitious and successful fund- raising drive in Boston College history.

The numbers were impressive: $441 million raised through 90,000 gifts that represent a broad range of contributions and of donors. Also remarkable was the generosity of the leaders among Boston College’s alumni and friends. Together we have done honor to the students and faculty.

In the final analysis, all of us who support Boston College, from the newest graduate to the senior trustee, are stewards of the institution. When this campaign began, we were handed something great and asked to make it greater. That is what we have done.

Together we have honored the memory of those who came before us, the generations of supporters who laid the deep foundation for the towers of excellence that we have been privileged to build.

As its motto tells us, Boston College is bound for excellence. Throughout its history, it has spoken with the voice of faith, justice, moral inquiry, and knowledge that now, more than ever, needs to be heard. The Ever to Excel Campaign has amplified that voice, and all of us associated with the University are grateful.


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