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The WRC Staff


Katie Dalton


Katie Dalton is the Director of the Women's Resource Center. Katie received both her undergraduate degree in Psychology and her master's degree in Higher Education Administration from Boston College. Katie enjoys being active and indulges her competitive side whenever possible. She and her husband, also a Boston College graduate, can often be found skiing, training for triathlons, testing out Barefoot Contessa recipes, or trying to get their son Liam to eat something besides waffles for dinner!

Erin Ramsey

Erin Ramsey is the Graduate Assistant for the Women's Resource Center and is in her second year of the dual-degree Masters in Social Work and Theology and Ministry program. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2009, where she developed a love for social justice, Spanglish, eclectic communities, and strongly brewed coffee. Her experience serving for two years in Honduras affirmed her belief in women's power to enact change in society, and she continues to be inspired by the women she met there and draw on their example in her work at the WRC. Erin enjoys perusing food blogs, running, singing, being with kids of all shapes and sizes, the written word, and learning from others' life experiences, and she looks forward to another wonderful year with the WRC community.

Coming Soon

Megan O'Hara will begin this fall as the Graduate Assistant for the Bystander Intervention Program and is so excited to be a part of the WRC Community. Megan is originally from the Philadelphia area (Go Phils!) and will be pursuing her Masters in Clinical Social Work at BC.  She studied Psychology and Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame and then went on to complete her Master of Education there as well. After graduation, Megan taught 2nd grade and art in Savannah, GA, and then moved to DC to teach high school Social Justice.  She enjoys volleyball, crafting, March Madness, strawberry banana smoothies and getting to know new people and their stories….so please stop by and introduce yourself!

Rachel DiBella

Rachel DiBella is the Graduate Assistant for the Sexual Assault Network (SANet). Rachel is a clinical Master of Social Work student, seeking to specialize in working with LBG/TQ survivors of sexual assault trauma. Her background with issues surrounding gender-based violence and sexual health spans the civil legal arena, clinical health settings, and training & education. Rachel graduated from Framingham State University in 2008 with a BA in English and a strong focus in gender studies. She looks forward to continuing her dedication to the anti-violence and LBG/TQ movements with SANet, the WRC and the BC community.

Lauren Bly

Lauren Bly, A&S '15, is from the small New England town of Watertown, Connecticut. She is an English major and a Hispanic Studies minor. Lauren is so excited to work with the Women's Resource Center. She is passionate about educating people about sexual assault and challenging the stigma surrounding feminism. Lauren is also a member of BC's Laughing Medusa Council, which combines her love of art, literature, and female empowerment. She loves to read novels by Virginia Woolf, and she hopes to eventually write a novel that will positively inspire young women.

Colby Campbell

Colby Campbell, A&S'14, is a junior at Boston College. He is from Miramar, Florida and is a Sociology Major with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. His studies in Sociology mainly focus on racial and gendered inequities, which led him to become a part of the WRC staff. In addition to the WRC, Colby is involved on campus as part of the breakdance group Conspiracy Theory.


Paige Marino

Paige Marino, A&S ‘15, is from Norwood, Massachusetts. She is working towards an English major with a minor in American Studies and a concentration in journalism. Paige’s passion is volunteering and helping others, especially those who are typically overlooked by society. Besides working at the WRC, Paige is the Secretary of the Boston College Campus School, a writer for Her Campus BC, a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus National, and a member of Women in Business. In her spare time, Paige likes to spend time with her family, drink copious amounts of iced coffee, and tweet about all the mundane aspects of her life.

Gillian McGann

Gillian McGann, A&S'15, hails from Syracuse, NY and is ecstatic to begin her second year working at the WRC. At Boston College she is majoring in International Studies and minoring in Spanish with hopes of pursuing a career in public health in Latin America. Gillian is passionate about understanding the structural and social causes of inequality and believes that women hold the power to eliminate it. She also dreams of seeing Boston College as a campus that cultivates positive body images regardless of the world's standards. In her free time she enjoys leading Young Life, running and frequenting concerts in this wonderful city!

Maureen McGrath

Maureen McGrath, CSOM ’16, is from the Philadelphian suburb of West Chester, Pennsylvania. She is pursuing a double concentration in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Maureen is especially concerned with issues of body image, consent, LGBTQ rights, and the de-stigmatization of feminism. She hopes to encourage open dialogue on campus regarding these issues, and to promote positive empowerment for all members of the BC community. In her free time, she enjoys baking, riding her bicycle, and hanging out with her dog, Heidi.

Emma Moriarty

Emma Moriarty, A&S’14, is from the sleepy town of Marblehead, MA. She is pursuing a History major with double minors in Women and Gender Studies and Faith, Peace, and Justice with a concentration on urban health and poverty. She is active on campus as a Coordinator of Health and Safety for the Undergraduate Government of Boston College where she acts as an advocate for mental health issues. Emma is passionate about issues concerning race, class, and gender and promoting positive female empowerment. She also loves going to concerts and discovering new music for her radio show, Nothing Rhymes with Orange on 90.3 WZBC (tune in!).

Jenny Phan

Jenny Phan, LSOE’14, is from Everett, Massachusetts and has worked at the WRC since the beginning of her sophomore year. She is double majoring in Psychology and Human Development and Applied Psychology, with hopes of pursuing a career in occupational therapy. Jenny is passionate about finding measures to support and empower survivors of sexual assault.  In her spare time, Jenny loves to experiment with new baking recipes, tackle arts and crafts projects, knit, and volunteer for community service opportunities.

Jessica Stevens

Jessica Stevens, A&S'14, is from Great Barrington, Massachusetts and is very excited to join the staff at the Women's Resource Center. With a major in Sociology and a minor in International Studies, she is passionate about learning how intersections of race, class, gender, and other social categories affect inequalities on a domestic and international scale. After volunteering at a women's homeless shelter in Dorchester and a domestic violence shelter while studying abroad in Argentina, Jessica would like to pursue a career in Social Work to help empower marginalized women. In her spare time, she enjoys reading Jodi Picoult books, running, and watching "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart.


Andrea Giancarlo, CSOM '15, is from Birmingham, Michigan. She is studying Accounting and Marketing and is pursuing her CPA certification. She has been involved with the Bystander Intervention Education program since 2012 and is now a Lead Trainer. She has learned so much about gender equality issues since beginning work at the WRC and hopes to see drastic improvement in her lifetime. In her free time she knits, runs, and sings loudly.


Joseph Palomba, A&S'15, is a chemistry major from Shrewsbury, MA. He works in a research lab here at Boston College and loves it so much he plans on applying to PhD programs. Fall of 2012 he became a bystander trainer and now is a lead trainer for the Bystander Intervention Education program. He has had an eye-opening experience learning about the impacts of sexual violence and hopes to help change the culture surrounding it. When he can Joseph (Joey) loves to steal some time riding his bike as he is the President of the BC Cycling team.