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Connecting Students to Growth and Community

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Thrive is a mentor program for sophomore women to build new relationships and engage in authentic conversation. The program consists of weekly small group meetings facilitated by senior women, and one off-campus overnight retreat. Topics for discussion include passions and vocations, community and friendship, spirituality, goal-setting, and many others.

Take this chance to connect with upperclasswomen and mentors, build community, and talk about the shared experience of being women students at BC. You asked for a place to talk; we're here to listen. You asked for a community; we're here to build one. You asked for a place to grow; we're here to help you thrive. 

Sophomore women meet weekly with their small groups in the spring semester -- with selection happening at the end of the fall semester. Weekly 90 min. meetings occur with your small group of 8 sophomore women and 2 senior co-leaders. Weekly meeting times are determined by the group before the start of the spring semester. Other commitments include an all-program off-campus overnight (January 26-27, 2018), two small group activities, and two program-wide events.


LEADS (Seniors):

Applications for 2017-2018 are now closed.

Expectations for senior leads:

  • Interviewing and selecting sophomore mentees (weekdays in October and November)
  • Participating in an overnight mentor retreat (October 13 and 14)
  • Attending lead meeting every other Friday from 11am to 12pm (October - April)
  • Participating in an all-program overnight retreat with mentees (January 26 and 27)
  • Co-facilitating a weekly 90 minute meeting with your group of sophomore mentees (January - April)
  • Planning two small group activities with your group (between February and April)
  • Attending check-ins with graduate assistant supervisor (approx. once a month)
  • Attending two program-wide events throughout the spring semester

PARTICIPANTS (Sophomores):

Click here to apply. You will be contacted for an interview shortly after applying!

Requirements for sophomore women:

  • Participating in an all-program overnight retreat with mentors (January 26-27, 2018)
  • Prioritizing and attending weekly 90 minute meetings with your group (January - April) 
  • Attending two small group activities with your group (between February-April) 
  • Attending two program-wide events throughout the spring semester (January-April)
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*For first-year women, please consider applying for Ascend, a program for first-year women supported by the Center for Student Formation.*


Applications for Ascend Mentors (senior women) will open in September 2017.


Applications for First-Year women will open in October 2017.