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Former Staff Members

Over the years, we've had many wonderful staff members work at the Women's Center. Read about some of our previous staffers below.

2015-2016 Staff Members

2014-2015 Staff Members

2015-2016 Staff Members

Catherine Larrabee Picture

Catherine Larrabee, MCAS '16, is from a western suburb of Chicago called Glen Ellyn. She graduated with a Theology major with a focus in ethics, and a minor in Medical Humanities. Catherine is passionate about empowering women, along with other marginalized groups, to escape the structural violence that inhibits their well-being and human potential. She is particularly interested in sexual assault prevention, women's issues in Latin America, and studying the influence of religion upon women's lives and development. She was also involved with the Arrupe program at BC, and spent her senior trip leading a group to the Dominican Republic. Catherine loves reading, writing, and traveling whenever she gets the chance!


Grace Na Picture

Grace Na, MCAS '16, is a math and philosophy double major from Latham, New York. Grace loved the Women's Center staff because it is another community on campus which encourages thoughtful conversation. Grace is interested in having open conversations about feminism and trying to help break down the stigmas around the word. She is particularly interested in creating a safe environment at Boston College and beyond so that there is a safe space for individuals to discuss topics like gender equality, body image, and consent. In her free time, Grace loves to eat, to bake, to hike, and to meet new people!


Jackie Newns Photo

Jaclyn Newns was the Graduate Assistant for the Women's Center from 2015-2016 as she completed a Masters program in Theology and Ministry, focusing on the intersection of spirituality and the arts. A native of Philadelphia, she attended the University of Scranton where her love for authentic, creative expression was cultivated. Jackie is grateful to have been a part of the Women’s Center, knowing that circles of supportive, empowered women have permanently influenced the way she walks through the world. Whenever possible, Jackie can be found treasure hunting at antique stores, walking the Chestnut Hill reservoir, creating homemade gifts, and playing dominos with her grandparents.


Maureen McGrath Picture

Maureen McGrath, CSOM '16, is from West Chester, Pennsylvania and graduated with a concentration in Accounting with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Maureen is interested in intersections of race, class, sexuality, and gender, with a special concern for representation along these lines in language and popular culture. She hopes to encourage open dialogue on campus regarding these topics, and to promote positive empowerment for all members of the BC community. In her free time, she enjoys french fries, Fleetwood Mac, and hanging out with her nephews.


Rose Miola Picture

Rose Miola was the Graduate Assistant for the Sexual Assault Network (SANet) from 2014-2016. After earning a Masters in Theological Studies from BC, she is continuing on at BC with a Masters of Social Work with a clinical mental health focus. Rose loved working at the Women's Center, a place where there is opportunity to participate in stimulating, challenging conversation about race, oppression, gender, and faith. She also feels blessed and humbled to have worked with students who call the SANet hotline or walk into the WC seeking support.


Shanaz Mahmood Picture

Shanaz Mahmood, MCAS ’18, is from Milton, Massachusetts and worked at the WC for her sophomore year at BC. She is pursuing a Communications degree with the hopes of one day delivering you your nightly news or hosting the Today Show beside Al Roker. Her goal at the Women’s Center was to show women that they can have it all without tearing each other down. In her free time, Shanaz can be found sitting on Stokes Lawn reading women’s leadership literature and urging her friends to lean in. Her brash coxswain’s voice has the tendency to reverberate in Bapst as she brushes up on her Spanish for an upcoming trip to Belize with the Arrupe program.


2014-2015 Staff Members

2014-2015 Staff Picture

Pictured above: Paige Marino, Lauren Bly, and Ande Giancarlo, staff members that graduated in 2015.

2013 - 2014 Staff Members

Photo of Colby Campbell

Colby Campbell, A&S'14, is from Miramar, Florida and is a Sociology Major with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. His studies in Sociology mainly focus on racial and gendered inequities, which led him to become a part of the WC staff. In addition to the WC, Colby is involved on campus as part of the breakdance group Conspiracy Theory. Colby worked at the WC from January 2013 until May 2014.


Photo of Gillian McGann

Gillian McGann: Graduated in 2014 with a degree in International Studies. Currently on staff with Young Life in Syracuse NY working with and mentoring high school and college students. Her time at BC was distinguished by the time she got to spend working for the Women's Center and she is forever grateful for the way its work is transforming the BC community.

Photo of Emma Moriarty

Emma Moriarty, A&S’14, is from the sleepy town of Marblehead, MA. At BC, she pursued a History major with double minors in Women and Gender Studies and Faith, Peace, and Justice with a concentration on urban health and poverty. She was active on campus as a Coordinator of Health and Safety for the Undergraduate Government of Boston College where she acted as an advocate for mental health issues. Emma is passionate about issues concerning race, class, and gender and promoting positive female empowerment. She also loves going to concerts and discovering new music.

Photo of Joesph Palomba

Joseph Palomba, A&S'15, is a chemistry major from Shrewsbury, MA. He works in a research lab here at Boston College and loves it so much he plans on applying to PhD programs. In the fall of 2012 he became a bystander trainer and served as a lead trainer for the Bystander Intervention Education program during the 2013-2014 school year. He has had an eye-opening experience learning about the impacts of sexual violence and hopes to help change the culture surrounding it. When he can Joseph (Joey) loves to steal some time riding his bike as he is the President of the BC Cycling team.

Photo of Jenny Phan

Jenny Phan, LSOE’14, is from Everett, Massachusetts and worked at the WC since the beginning of her sophomore year. She double majored in Psychology and Human Development and Applied Psychology, with hopes of pursuing a career in occupational therapy. Jenny is passionate about finding measures to support and empower survivors of sexual assault.  In her spare time, Jenny loves to experiment with new baking recipes, tackle arts and crafts projects, knit, and volunteer for community service opportunities.

Photo of Jessica Stevens

Jessica Stevens, A&S'14, is from Great Barrington, Massachusetts and joined the staff at the Women's Center for her senior year at BC. With a major in Sociology and a minor in International Studies, she is passionate about learning how intersections of race, class, gender, and other social categories affect inequalities on a domestic and international scale. After volunteering at a women's homeless shelter in Dorchester and a domestic violence shelter while studying abroad in Argentina, Jessica would like to pursue a career in Social Work to help empower marginalized women. In her spare time, she enjoys reading Jodi Picoult books, running, and watching "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart.

2012 - 2013 Staff Members

Photo of Molly Kocher

Molly Kocher was the Graduate Assistant for the Bystander Intervention Education program from 2011 to 2013. She received her MA in Mental Health Counseling at BC. Molly graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a BA in English, and previously worked as a high school English teacher outside of Rochester, New York. While her interests are varied, she is passionate about social justice issues, the promotion of mental health, and the classic television show The Golden Girls. Molly enjoys hitting the snooze button for excessive amounts of time prior to waking up, meeting animals that have people names, and meeting people that have animal names.

Photo of Laura DelloStritto

Laura DelloStritto, A&S'13, is from the beautiful, exotic city of Worcester, Massachusetts. She majored in Biology, minored in Philosophy, and worked at the WC during the 2012-2013 school year. Laura is passionate about women's rights, LGBTQ rights, and free t-shirts. Laura is currently studying Social & Behavioral Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health and hopes to work in the field of LGBTQ health and advocacy.

Photo of Franca Godenzi

Franca Godenzi, was born in Switzerland but has lived in nearby Newton, Massachusetts for the past thirteen years. She graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology in May of 2013. Franca is the Member Relations Specialist at the Center for Work and Family at Boston College. The Center is committed to enhancing the quality of life of today's workforce by providing leadership for the integration of work and life. In her free time, Franca loves playing golf and rooting for her favorite Boston sports teams.

Photo of KY Bae

Keun Young (KY) Bae, A&S’13, worked at the WC for three years during her time at BC. Born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Indonesia, KY majored in English and Psychology with a concentration in creative writing. KY is enrolled at BC's law school where she hopes to influence the legal and political decisions that impact women's lives. In her spare time, KY loves to read detective novels, especially by her favorite authors, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie.

Photo of Nicole Laniado

Nicole Laniado, CSOM'13, was born in Miami, Florida, but was raised and lived her entire life in Guayaquil, Ecuador. At BC, Nikki pursued a concentration in Leadership and a minor in Faith, Peace, and Justice. She is passionate on finding measures to end poverty and is convinced that women are the key to foster growth and change. She hopes to start her own poverty relief business one day and succeed in persuading the business world to take a look at society and start doing something about it.