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The WC Staff

Photo of Katie Dalton

Katie Dalton


Katie Dalton is the Director of the Women's Center. Katie received both her undergraduate degree in Psychology and her master's degree in Higher Education Administration from Boston College. Katie enjoys being active and indulges her competitive side whenever possible. She and her husband, also a Boston College graduate, can often be found skiing, testing out Barefoot Contessa recipes, or pushing their two young sons, Liam and Teddy, and their daughter, Quinn, in a jogging stroller around Milton!

Photo of Rachel DiBella

Rachel DiBella

Assistant Director

Rachel DiBella is the Assistant Director of the Women's Center. Rachel has spent nearly a decade in the movement to end sexual violence, specializing in counseling and clinical services for survivors, and through activism within LGBQ/T communities. Rachel earned her MSW at Boston College with a focus in interpersonal trauma, and is grateful to continue this work in the BC community.

Graduate student staff

Victoria Garcia Photo

Victoria Garcia is a Graduate Assistant for the Women's Center and is a first year student in the Higher Education Administration graduate program, concentrating in Student Affairs. Victoria is originally from Montevideo, Uruguay and grew up in Miami, Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida with a bachelor's in English and Political Science, she came to Boston to complete a year of service with City Year. She spent the last two years at Bottom Line, a community-based organization in Boston that is committed to supporting first-generation, low-income students get to and through college. Most days, Victoria is trying to get South American dulce de leche shipped to her apartment and reliving the moment her cousin surprised her with floor seats to see Beyoncé.

Photo of Erin Doolin

Teresa Sullivan is the Graduate Assistant for the Bystander Intervention Education program. She is originally from Pleasantville, New York. Teresa graduated Boston College in May 2017 with her undergraduate degree and remained on campus to begin her first year at the School of Theology and Ministry, pursuing a Masters in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. During her time at BC, Teresa worked as an undergraduate staff member at the Women's Center for three years. In her free time, Teresa enjoys reading long books, planning elaborate trips, and drinking strong coffee.

Lisa Edouard Photo

Lisa Edouard is the Graduate Assistant for the Sexual Assault Network (SANet). She is currently a first-year student in the Higher Education Administration graduate program. Lisa completed her undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology and Human Development this past spring at Boston College ('16). During her undergraduate career at BC she was a part of UGBC, Sister's Lets Talk, L'Association Haitienne, and The Caribbean Culture Club. She is originally from Boston and is fueled by conversations about the intersectionality of race, gender, class, ability, etc. She is excited to join the Women's Center staff and excited to dissect these topics with the students and the staff at the WC. She is also incredibly grateful to work with the SANet advocates and the students who call the hotline. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging, cooking, arts & crafts, and shamelessly watching hours of tv shows on Netflix.

Undergraduate student staff

Photo of Kenye Askew

Kenye` Askew, MCAS ’18, is from Dolton, IL in the Chicagoland area. She is pursuing a Communications major, and expresses herself through public speaking and writing. She is Co-President of the hip hop dance team Phaymus, and she is a Buddy at Campus School. She is excited to join the Women’s Center staff to help women confidently speak their minds without the fear of being told that their ideas do not matter. She believes that each voice should be heard because wisdom can come from anyone. In her free time she loves to read, dance, and watch cartoons.


Photo of Marwa Eltahir

Maithri Harve, MCAS ’19, is from Grafton, Massachusetts. She is double majoring in Computer Science and Communications. She’s super excited to join the Women’s Center staff this year, and is really looking forward to empowering all the women of Boston College! Maithri is passionate about issues related to intersectionality within feminism and starting conversation surrounding sexual assault on college campuses. In addition, Maithri is the co-president of the Boston College chapter of Girls Who Code, an organization dedicated to empowering girls through computer science. In her free time, she likes to drink iced coffee, hang out with her incredible friends, and watch sports.


Photo of Megan Kelly

Julia Barrett, MCAS ‘19, is from Lansing, New York, and is an International Studies major, concentrating in Ethics and International Social Justice - Economic and Social Development, minoring in Foundation in Education. She is the Chief of Staff for the AHANA+ Leadership Council (ALC). Julia is beyond excited to join the Women’s Center staff and has a special interest in intersectional feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, and sexual assault on campus. In her free time, Julia likes to read, eat as much ice cream and pizza as humanly possible, binge watch far too many shows, and sometimes interact with other humans. 

Photo of Megan Kelly

Christina "Tt" King, MCAS '17, is from Orange County, California. She is studying sociology and is pursuing a career as a social worker. Tt is passionate about the Women's Center and has special interest in LGBTQ+ issues, sexual assault on campus, human trafficking, and gender equality. Her hope is to create a campus where all students are represented and respected equally. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, reading, and sleeping!


Djanan Kernizan Photo

Djanan Kernizan, MCAS '19, is from Queens, New York, and is a Sociology major with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. She is the Co-Captain of the female step team, Females Incorporating Sisterhood Through Step (F.I.S.T.S.). Djanan is excited to join the Women's Center Staff to help empower women, and encourage them to let go of the social scripts and roles society pressures them to fulfill. She can't wait to interact and connect with the women of Boston College. In her free time, Djanan enjoys dancing, hanging out with her amazing friends and family, and obsessing over Justin Bieber.

Kim Chook Photo

Kim Chook, MCAS’18, is from a suburb of Boston. She is studying Communication with minors in English and Leadership & Management. Kim is passionate about helping people overcome the social constructions that confine us to think, feel, act, speak, and dress in certain ways. She has a special interest in issues related to race, LGBTQ rights, mental illness, and sexual assault on campus. Kim loves poetry, avocados, yoga, and promoting self love.


Erin McCarthy Photo

Erin McCarthy, CSOM '18, is from Mansfield, Massachusetts. She is pursuing a Marketing degree with a minor and Women and Gender studies. In addition to working at the Women's Center, Erin is a Bystander trainer and the Co-President of Lean In, a women's discussion group on campus. Erin is thrilled to be joining the Women's Center staff this year. She is passionate about creating a dialogue about sexual assault on campus and closing the confidence gap between men and women at BC. She looks forward to returning to BC in the Spring of 2017 after a semester abroad in London. Erin loves reading, spending time with family, and eating lots of ice cream. 


Maggie Haesler Photo

Maggie Haesler, LSOE '19, is from a small town outside of Burlington, Vermont.  She is majoring in Applied Psychology & Human Development, with minors in Political Science and Women's & Gender Studies.  Maggie is thrilled to be joining the Women's Center staff this year!  She has a passion for empowering women of all ages and for opening up conversations about authenticity.  Maggie hopes to encourage all Boston College students, female and male, to delve into feminist topics in order to improve the campus and community.  In her free time, Maggie enjoys creating music, talking politics, planning adventures, and hiking in her home state's Green Mountains.

Teresa Sullivan Photo

Cristina “Cris” Zubizarreta, MCAS ’19, is from Cleveland, Ohio. She is majoring in Sociology, with minors in French and Women’s and Gender Studies. Cris is ecstatic to be joining the Women’s Center staff this year! She is a proud intersectional feminist who has special interest in LGBTQ+ issues, issues of race and racism and their impact on women’s health, and gender equality in education and the workplace. During her time as a Women’s Center staff member Cris hopes to continue to empower and encourage all students of Boston College to engage in dialogue addressing issues pertaining to feminisms and gender equality both on campus and in the greater community. In her free time, Cris enjoys discussing social justice topics, reading in her hammock, and going on adventures.


Photo of Bella Valentini

Franchesca Araújo, MCAS '20, is from Waterbury, Connecticut, and is an International and Environmental studies major. Franchesca is passionate about climate and environmental justice particularly as they relate to racial and economic justice (globally and domestically). As an afrolatina, she is committed to illuminating the complexities of latinx identity and the distinction between race and ethnicity, as ignoring that distinction has contributed to the marginalization of black latinxs. Franchesca's areas of interest also include the prison industrial complex and mass incarceration. She is comitted to rejecting oppressive feminist ideologies that see black and brown liberation, queer liberation, and global equity as secondary issues. She is excited to join the Women's center staff and contribute her own personal experiences as well as learn from the experiences of others!

Amirah Orozco Photo

Amirah Orozco, MCAS '19, is originally from the El Paso, Texas and Cd. Juarez, Mexico border. She is currently a Political Science major with a minor in Philosophy. She is proud of her Mexican-American ethnicity, but is so excited to call Boston her home for at least the next four years. She's a proud intersectional feminist and is ecstatic to be working at the Women's Center this year to stimulate dialogue on what it means to be a woman on this campus and make it a more welcoming environment for all women. She is also very passionate about issues of race and racism. In addition to social activism, she is a part of Model UN and a first-year RA on campus. You will also often see her singing or dancing to songs from the Broadway musical "Hamilton" around campus.



Victory Adikema, MCAS ’20, is from Baton Rouge, LA. She is an International Studies major and a French minor. As a member of the Women's Center staff, Victory hopes to encourage all Boston College students, regardless of gender, to engage in open dialogue surrounding topics she's passionate about. Such topics include: sexual assault on campus, LGBTQ+ rights, womanism, racism, intersectionality, wealth disparity, mental illness, and how underrated authenticity is in modern society, to name a few. When she’s not working at the Women's Center, Victory could probably be found writing poetry, watching cartoons that are “meant for children”, or filling her Amazon cart with items she knows she cannot afford.