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Featured Feminist

The Featured Feminist column is an initiative by the WC which aims to debunk the common stereotypes and stigma associated with the word "feminist." By highlighting the profiles and achievements of dedicated, passionate individuals in the Boston College community, the WC staff hopes not only to foster a greater sense of appreciation for people who bring the ideals of equality and social justice into their daily lives, but also raise awareness in the BC community towards a more positive and inclusive definition of the word feminism.

If you would like to nominate someone to become a Featured Feminist, please fill out our nomination form via this link (BC username and password required).

An archive of our past Featured Feminists is available here.

Featured Feminist

Photo of Featured Feminist

Sophia Breggia

School: MCAS 2017

Major: English (Creative Writing)



1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a junior studying English with a Concentration in Creative Writing. I grew up in a small suburb of Rhode Island, went to a Catholic high school, and decided BC was my top choice school when I was 14. My favorite thing to do at BC is volunteering for Love Your Body Week and CARE Week with the Women’s Center. I love to write and to work out, so you can find me in writing workshop or at the plex. I also work in the BC Office of Event Management. 


2.What are you most passionate about?

I’m most passionate about promoting sexual education for young people. I am lucky to have been raised in a very open household by a fiercely feminist mother. But many young people miss out on the opportunity to ask questions about their sexual health. To me, nothing is more important than making sure people, particularly young girls, understand their bodies and how they should be caring for themselves. 


3. How do you define "feminism"?

Feminism is belief in equality. Period. Equality among all people, no matter how they identify themselves. Social, political, economic equality. Feminism is also working towards these things. 


4. Why do you identify yourself as a feminist?

I identify myself as a feminist because the ideals that feminism incorporates are necessary for the success of the people I love most. My best friend, my mother, my sisters, myself. We are all feminists. We are all fighting for equality among all people, equality for each other. Oftentimes, people associate the fight of feminism with the fight against the wage gap. Although advocating for dollar-for-dollar work between the sexes important, feminism fights for so much more. The fight for rights of women around the world, not just the (comparatively privileged) women in our own lives, is one of the most important feminist battles today, and I feel a moral obligation to partake in it. 


5. Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by people who battle mental health issues every day. I am inspired by people who choose their career based on their passions, regardless of money. I am inspired by other feminists, and all strong women, and all strong people. I am inspired by people who do good, selflessly.