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FAQs for the Division of Student Affairs

Here are answers to frequently asked questions.


Q. I have questions on a range of topics including academics and student life, who can
    help me?

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 AHANA Student Programs:

Q. Is AHANA a club?  How can I join?

Q. I am a white student; can I use your services or attend your programs?
    ALL students are welcome to participate in AHANA STUDENT PROGRAMS

Q. What is Options Through Education (OTE)?

Career Development Resources:

Q. Does the Career Center have drop-in appointments?

Q. Who can I talk with about my choice of majors?

Q. Who can help me find a good internship opportunity?

Community Standards:

Q. What happens if I am under the age of 21 and get caught drinking alcohol in my room?

Q. What is my disciplinary record and how will it impact my application to graduate school?

Q. I was sanctioned through the conduct system to complete Choices, BASICS, AIM,
    or E-toke.  How do I register to complete my sanction?

Residential Life:

Q. How do I set up my on-campus address?

Q. I would like to make a room change. What should I do?

Q. I want to appeal for an additional semester or year of campus housing. What should I do?

Q. What should I do if my BC ID won’t allow me into my residence hall?

Health and Wellness:

Q. What types of health services are available to me as a full-time

Q. As a graduate student, do I have access to campus health services?

Q. Who can I talk with if I need psychological counseling on an
     emergency basis?

Q. Who can I talk with if I’m worried about a friend?

Q. I think my roommate may have an eating disorder who can I talk to
    about this? Please Contact University Health Services.

Q. Who can I talk with regarding a sexual assault?

Q. Do I have to complete AlcoholEdu? How do I log into the course?

Q. How do I know if another student is suffering from alcohol poisoning? 
    Who do I call for help? Will I get in trouble? 

Student & Cultural Activities:

Q. Where can I find a list of student organizations and clubs at BC?

Q. How do I reserve space for my event?

Q. Where can I find a calendar for student events?

Q. How can I book the Robsham Theater for my student production?

Q. What is Nights on the Heights?

Volunteer Opportunities:

Q. Where can I find out more about volunteer opportunities in the Boston area? 

Q. How can I find out more about BC’s student volunteer groups?