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Amanda V. Houston Traveling Fellowship

university fellowships committee

Boston College established the Amanda V. Houston Traveling Fellowship in 1993, in honor of the University’s first Black Studies Program Director.  The purpose of this award was to further prepare Boston College undergraduates for leadership in the United States and the world at large, by enriching their personal and educational development through travel.  Consistent with its namesake’s lifelong role as an educator, community leader, and mentor, the Amanda V. Houston Traveling Fellowship underwrites travel/study experiences that contribute to the personal and intellectual growth of its recipients.

Boston College students with a minimum 3.0 grade point average who will have completed their sophomore year before June 1st and who have a strong record of service to the university and/or local black communities are invited to apply.

The Amanda V. Houston Traveling Fellowship provides up to $3,000 toward domestic or international travel, including transportation, lodging, meals, and research-related expenses. The award must be used between June 1st and January 20th, for an independent study project under the supervision of a faculty member or a research project conducted while participating in a BC-approved study abroad program.

At the end of the fellowship year and research, the recipient must write a 500-word description of how the award enhanced her or his educational experience and give a 20-minute presentation of his or her research at AADS’s Works in Progress Series the year after research is completed. Recipients must also agree to be available to prospective Houston Award applicants or winners, to answer general questions about their experience.

Applications are available in the Deans offices of A&S CSOM, LSOE, and CSON, and also in the University Fellowships Office, the Office of AHANA Student Programs, the Office of International Programs, the African and African Diaspora Studies office, ODSD, and the Learning to Learn office. Consult the website for the African and African Diaspora Program for the February application deadline.


Upon notification of selection, the recipient must make all necessary academic and travel preparations in consultation with the appropriate Boston College personnel before any funds are disbursed. All travel and post-travel requirements must be completed by April 15 of the fellowship year.

Interested students should contact the BC Campus Coordinator for the Houston Fellowship at the beginning of the Fall semester, to begin preparing their applications.