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Boston College Advanced Study Grants

university fellowships committee

Some Advanced Study Grants are restricted to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors.  Please consult the eligibility requirements for each specific Grant.

To be considered for an Advanced Study Grant, a student must be nominated by a faculty member. Hence, students interested in these awards are advised take the initiative, discuss project ideas with a faculty mentor, and persuade that faculty member to submit a nomination.  The nominating faculty member may be in the student's major department, or the faculty member may be someone from another department who knows the student's academic potential well enough to make the nomination. (The exception are the ACC-IAC Grants for Thesis Research. For these, the student must be nominated by the faculty member who will be the supervisor of the applicant's Senior project, or by the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the applicant's major department.)

Students who are nominated will then be given the application materials and invited by the University Fellowships Committee to submit a proposal, specifying the goals of the project, the level of funding being requested, and the project's contribution to the applicant's long-term intellectual development. Preference will be given to projects that draw together important elements of the applicant's academic preparation and lay the groundwork for more important achievements in the future. The applications will be reviewed by a panel of faculty and deans, and those who are awarded grants will be notified. Applications must include an official cover page.

The Boston College Campus Coordinator for the Advanced Study Grants will accept faculty nominations for Advanced Study Grant candidates, beginning January 15 of each Spring semester. Nominations should be submitted by email to  Application forms, and invitations to submit will then be sent to the nominees. All applications must be returned to the Campus Coordinator no later than the deadline specified in the application form. See Fellowships Calendar of important dates.

Examples of previous winning proposals are available for review in the University Fellowships office.