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Gates Cambridge Trust Scholarship

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The Gates Cambridge Scholarship Trust was established by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support scholars of outstanding academic merit and leadership potential from every country of the world, who are committed to serving their communities, and who gain admission to the University of Cambridge to pursue graduate study. The Gates Cambridge Scholarships provide tuition and fees at Cambridge, a stipend to cover living expenses, and a travel allowance.

The Gates Cambridge Trust intends to offer a substantial number of awards annually, which will cover the costs of studying at Cambridge. Some of these awards will be for students from the United States; but students from all countries, including the countries of the European Union other than the United Kingdom, will be eligible to be considered for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships.

In selecting Gates Cambridge Scholars, the Trust seeks students of exceptional academic achievement and scholarly promise for whom further study at Cambridge would be particularly appropriate. Students will need to provide evidence of their ability to make a significant contribution to their discipline, either by research, or by teaching, or by using their learning creatively in their chosen profession. Gates Cambridge Scholars will be expected to be leaders in addressing global problems relating to learning, technology, health, and social equity. The Scholars are thus expected to use their education for the benefit of others and to show commitment to improving the commonwealth.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program is an international competition. There is some variation in procedure for application between countries, and the competition may run along different timetables to meet the academic schedules of different parts of the world. For applicants from the United States, candidates will be expected to have excellent transcripts with high GPA scores showing evidence of sustained academic achievement in study, and a strong performance in GRE scores, together with references able to speak knowledgeably about the candidate's actual academic performance and his or her potential for scholarly growth.

In addition, applicants for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship will have the opportunity to set out their own ambitions for the future, and to show how study at Cambridge would help them achieve their personal goal. They will also be invited to nominate a referee who can write knowledgeably about them as people, and who can comment authoritatively on their non-academic attributes and achievements.

A Gates Cambridge Scholarship can be taken up only by a student who has been admitted to Cambridge through the University's normal application procedures. These are separate from the selection procedures for selection as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. Please note: those applying for a Master's or Doctoral study are admitted to Cambridge through the Board of Graduate Studies; those applying for a second Bachelor's degree are admitted by a College. For guidance on application procedures for the University of Cambridge and its Colleges, consult the web site for the Gates Cambridge Trust.

To be competitive, interested students should contact the BC Campus Coordinator for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship program during the Spring semester of their Junior year, to begin preparing their applications.

To get additional information about the Gates Cambridge Scholarships and the application process before talking with the Campus Coordinator, consult the Gates Cambridge Trust web site.