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J. William Fulbright Grant

university fellowships committee

The Fulbright Program was established in 1946, at the end of World War II, to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries, through the exchange of persons, knowledge, and skills. The program honors Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas, long-time chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who sponsored the legislation establishing the program.

The Fulbright Grant provides round-trip transportation, language or orientation courses, where appropriate, tuition, books, maintenance for one academic year in only one country, and health and accident insurance. (Travel grants are available in a few countries to supplement other awards.) These grants are available to more than 140 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, and the Asia/Pacific region.

Fulbright Grants are available for advanced graduate students engaged in research for a doctoral dissertation and also for graduating seniors, and for those who wish to further their careers in the creative and performing arts or to teach English in secondary schools. Brief descriptions of project proposals by previous recipients of Fulbright Grants can be found in the BC Chronicle.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • be U.S. citizens;
  • have earned a Bachelor's degree before the beginning of the grant;
  • have foreign language proficiency where appropriate;
  • be in good health.

The Fulbright application must be completed online and should be done in consultation with the Fulbright Campus Coordinator.  Complete information is available on the Fulbright website.

Initial guidance on the application process can be obtained in late Spring from the Boston College Campus Coordinator for the Fulbright. Applicants must apply through the Boston College Campus Coordinator; the Fulbright Grant program will not accept applications submitted independently by undergraduates. Applications are due Monday, September 24, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. Late applications will not be considered.

To be competitive, interested students should contact the BC Campus Coordinator for the Fulbright during the Spring semester of their Junior year, to begin preparing their applications. If you are already a senior, please contact Professor Christensen immediately.

To get additional information about the Fulbright Grants and the application process before talking with the Campus Coordinator, consult the web site for the J. William Fulbright Program.