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Advanced Study Grant Recipients 1996

university fellowships committee

Project Proposal
Faculty Adviser
Broderick Bagert Learning and Living in Oaxaca
To support Spanish language study, while tutoring Oaxacan children in reading.
Frances Restuccia
Kathleen Barrett Advanced Language Study in French
To support language study at the Sorbonne in Paris.
John Heineman
Jeffrey Browne The Role of Laminin B2 in Photoreceptor Development
To support lab work in investigation of a hypothesis regarding genetic expression.
William Brunken
Laura Deschenes Hydrophobic Bubble Coalescence
To support lab work in investigation of the behavior of gas molecules rising through liquids.
John Fourkas
Emily Speelmon Activation of Phospholipase D
To support acquisition of advanced laboratory skills and techniques in Biochemistry.
Mary Roberts
Jessica Tripp Violence Against Women in Baroque Spain
To support archival and library research in Madrid.
Elizabeth Rhodes
Romance Languages