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You have probably heard of some of these—the Rhodes or the Fulbright—but perhaps not of others such as the Churchill, the Truman, the NSF, or the Mellon. Yesterday's winners of these prestigious undergraduate and graduate fellowships and scholarships are today's leaders in the arts, sciences, business, education, and politics. Many have made their mark on entire areas of human endeavor, from classical music to space exploration. The Fulbright program alone counts 11 Nobel laureates among its ranks of scholarship winners.

Here is what three Boston College students have had to say about their experiences as Fellowship competitors:

“Study and cultural exchange in Madrid and Mexico City on an Advanced Study Grant. In-depth interviews with chicken farmers, mill operators, and returned immigrants in El Salvador on a Fulbright Grant. Now the chance to study at Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. I did all this as a Boston College student, and the same fellowship opportunities are open to you. Learning about fellowships may initially feel overwhelming. There are so many and they are competitive. But don't look upon this as a burden—as another hoop to jump through in order to become a ‘successful’ student. You must see fellowships instead as rare opportunities to discover your dreams and then to live them. I never imagined I would be one of BC's first Rhodes Scholarship winners. In fact a month before the application was due, I almost persuaded myself that such a ‘prestigious’ scholarship was not within my reach. Don't make the same mistake! Learn from my experience and make the best of these opportunities.”
—Bret Huneycutt (A&S '03)

“With my NSEP Fellowship I was able to spend a semester in China. The NSEP helped give focus to my academic and professional goals and I'm persuaded that the NSEP was the key that got me accepted by my first choice of graduate schools.”
—Maribel Rosario (A&S '94)

“Of all my accomplishments as a student I am most proud of winning a Fulbright to France. Not only did it enrich my personal development through the opportunity to teach and study abroad in my major field but it opened doors professionally as well. Thanks to a Fulbright on my résumé I was able to choose from three lucrative positions in three different industries, leading to a successful career in television.”
—Susan Keaney (Grad A&S)

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