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Advice for Seniors

university fellowships committee

The big year! If you have done the things advised for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, this will be a busy year—but you already have the important parts of your future well in hand. Fellowship application deadlines begin in September and continue through the year so consult regularly and work closely with the appropriate BC Campus Coordinators and your faculty mentors on the application materials you started assembling last spring and summer.

Is it too late if you have not already gotten started? Probably—especially if the fellowship deadline is only four weeks away. But if you are a person of fierce ambition and are prepared to devote your full energies to your applications you might find a BC Campus Coordinator willing to give you guidance. Move swiftly!

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required for some fellowships (and almost all graduate programs), so sign up to take it no later than December.

Your senior thesis will be important evidence of your talents and ambitions—and a good topic of conversation in interviews. Get a draft of the first chapter completed as soon as possible, and get detailed comments on it from your faculty adviser, so you'll be prepared for lively questions and challenges.