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Advice for Juniors

university fellowships committee

This is an important year. You are eligible for some fellowships this year, and you need to start preparation of applications for other fellowships in your senior year. For opportunities you may be eligible for now, review the Summary Chart of Fellowships for Undergraduates, including the Boston College Undergraduate Research Fellowship and Advanced Study Grant opportunities. For opportunities open to you next year, review the Summary Chart of Fellowships for Graduate Study.

If you are studying abroad this year consult with the BC Campus Coordinators for the fellowships that seem appropriate to your goals and interests.

If there is an Honors Program or a National Honors Society in your major you should join if you qualify.

You should develop a topic for your senior thesis and discuss ideas with several faculty to see who might be the best faculty adviser. Do this well before spring registration, otherwise, the best adviser may no longer be available.

In the fall begin planning your summer to further your academic or professional goals, perhaps with an internship, or preliminary research on your senior thesis, or leadership in a community organization.

Some fellowships require the Graduate Record Exam so get information on the GRE and consider how to prepare for it.

You will need many letters of recommendation soon. If you have opened a file at the BC Career office get faculty, supervisors, and employers to submit or update letters. If you don't have a Career office file establish one now and start accumulating letters of recommendation in it.

Most important, if you are considering any of the Fellowships for Graduate Study you must meet with the appropriate BC Campus Coordinators during the spring semester to get started on your application materials. Even though the formal deadlines are not until your senior year you cannot postpone getting guidance and getting started.