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Regulations and Enforcement

boston college transportation and parking services

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The Boston College properties are private and the University reserves the right to control access at all times. To protect the University community and to provide optimal use of parking resources for community members, campus access is controlled via parking by permit only. Parking at Boston College is a privilege and regulations are strictly enforced. The University reserves the right to change access and parking regulations based upon major events of the University.

Regulations, rules, policy recommendations, permissions, and procedures concerning parking at Boston College are managed by the Department of Transportation and Parking, under the direction of the Office of Auxiliary Services.

The Office of Student Services operates the parking management system and distributes the parking permits.

Enforcement of the Massachusetts parking laws and Boston College parking regulations, rules and policies is managed by the Boston College Police Department. The Boston College Police Department manages the issuance of citations and appeals.

Collaborative management review of transportation, parking processes, event plan coordination, investigation request, research and review is handled by a Parking Management Council consisting of the Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services, BC Police Department Chief, BC Police Department Captain and Executive Director of Auxiliary Services.

  • Authorized Parking Space
    The responsibility of finding an authorized parking space rests with the driver. Lack of space, mechanical problems, and inclement weather conditions are not considered valid excuses for failure to comply with traffic and parking regulations.
  • Accidents/Criminal Activity
    All vehicular accidents occurring on Boston College property must be reported to the Boston College Police Department immediately. Boston College assumes no responsibility for damage caused by others to any vehicle, person or personal property while on Boston College property.
  • General Parking Regulations
    • Parking is by permit only in authorized lined parking spaces.
    • All vehicles entering Boston College property with or without a permit must have a valid registration, valid emissions sticker and valid insurance.
    • Overnight parking is NOT allowed except for A, R, M, G, B, J, S-RF, SR2 and SGS2 permits or via permission of BC Police Department for designated parking locations.
    • All unlined areas on Boston College properties are considered fire lanes and may not be used for parking for any reason or any length of time unless directed by the BC Police Department. Parking in an illegal area can or will result in citations and/or sanctions (see Citations and Sanctions).
  • Vehicle Damage/Property Loss
    Boston College assumes no responsibility for damage, theft or property loss for any reason while a vehicle is operated or parked on Boston College properties, including flooding or other weather related incidents to vehicles and/or other content.
  • Inclement Weather
    Winter Weather Emergencies: During snow or other weather emergencies, parking advisories may be issued to inform the campus community of parking changes via email, InfoEagle, or signage.
    • Snow clearance is a priority; any vehicle interfering with plowing will be ticketed and/or towed.
    • Preferred Parking status will be suspended in all areas to accommodate the maximal use of garage parking.
    • Garage parking is mandated to minimize parking lot usage for snow removal.
    • Resident student permit holders must park where directed.
    • Vehicles without BC parking permits or passes will be ticketed and/or towed.
    • It is the responsibility of the permit holder to monitor weather conditions and Boston College parking advisories to avoid damage to vehicles and/or property.
    • Boston College assumes no responsibility to warn permit holders of sudden or unpredicted severe storms that may cause flooding or property damage.
    • During flood periods, parking may be restricted. Flood prone areas of the campus include the lower campus commuter lot and the first level of the Beacon Street Garage. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to place his/her vehicle in non-flood prone areas during inclement weather events.


    • Permit Holder’s Agreement
      • Upon qualifying for and accepting a parking permit, all permit holders agree that they fully understand and will abide by all Boston College parking and traffic regulations. Failure to adhere to these regulations may result in penalties defined by infractions.
      • Parking permits are required throughout the academic year and summer and transponders are required for access to campus parking garages.
      • Faculty and staff annual renewal is in May for fiscal year June 1 through May 31.
      • Resident students and summer students renew each semester during open enrollment periods. Other student permits include the academic year plus the following summer semester.
      • Summer parking permits are required for summer resident students, other summer students, conference members or others who may be qualified for application to park on campus during the summer months.
      • Prices of permits are based upon permit type, see Parking Permit Categories and Restrictions.
      • Vehicle must be registered to the specific permit applicant or an immediate family member.
      • Limit of one permit per employee or qualified student, nontransferable to another person.
      • Permit display location: must be placed inside car on the front windshield driver’s side at the lowest corner. Must be legible from outside but not obstruct the driver’s line of sight.
      • Expired permits must be removed from vehicle display when a permit is renewed.
      • Lost permits, transponders or hanging tags must be formally reported to the Boston College Transportation and Parking Department before a new permit can be acquired. Filing a false report will result in the permit holder’s forfeiture of ability to acquire future parking permit privileges from Boston College.
      • Parking is permitted in designated areas assigned to specific permit category.
      • BC Service Vehicle designated spaces are reserved for BC-owned service vehicles only.
    • Parking Space Availability
      There are sufficient campus parking spaces at Boston College for normal employee and student academic activity; however, the available parking spaces may not be in a preferred area or convenient to each specific user of the Chestnut Hill, Newton or Brighton campuses. A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space in a particular lot or garage except for those who qualify and register for carpool permits. Drivers should be aware that parking spaces are limited and available on a first come, first use basis within each parking area.
    • Event Parking
      Parking access and permit areas may be altered to accommodate Athletic Department and other major events that will effect the entire campus community. Please follow posted Transportation & Parking web site directions and informational advisories on BC Info.
    • Payment For Permits
      Faculty & staff will apply for campus parking permits and transponders utilizing the University Agora web site and purchase via tax exempt payroll deduction in accordance with federal tax laws. Parking permit rates are noted on “Employee Parking Permit Categories & Restrictions” list. Parking payments will automatically be deducted from every paycheck as long as the employee is in the University payroll system, including vacation periods, paid sick time and other paid absences. Employees who are paid weekly will have weekly payroll deductions that equate to the specific monthly parking rates noted. Employees who receive monthly pay checks will have the specific monthly parking rates deducted from each monthly paycheck. In accordance with federal law, refunds from tax exempt parking will not be made.

      Students will apply for campus parking permits utilizing the University Agora web site and pay for purchase via their student account. Parking permit rates are noted on “Student Parking Permit Categories & Restrictions” list. Student parking permits are priced and paid for on an annual fiscal year basis except for residential and summer students which are to be paid by the full semester.

      Employees or students who would like to discontinue payment for a parking permit must return the Boston College parking permit to Student Services for closing of his/her parking permit account.
    • Vehicle/Permit Changes
      All parking permit vehicle changes must be reported, prior to changing of parking permit or bringing non-BC registered vehicle to campus, to the Office of Student Services. These revisions include, but are not limited to: make, model, color, new registration, plates, etc.

      When changing vehicles for any reason, your personal parking data on file with Boston College must reflect these changes. Changes can be made by calling Student Services @ 617-552-3300 during regular business hours. The BC parking permit is valid only for the vehicles which you have registered with the University. Vehicle permit informational data must match the actual vehicles the driver brings on campus or risk penalty of citation and/or towing.

      A $35 fee will be assessed for lost or replacement parking permits without submission of active permit from former vehicle registered for BC parking permit. Transponders require a $20 replacement fee.

    Boston College Traffic and Parking Regulations are enforced by the Boston College Police. Enforcement may include sanctions of warnings, ticketing, towing, vehicle movement restrictors, administrative action and revocation of parking privileges.

    All traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts apply on Boston College property.
    • Crosswalk/Sidewalk Regulations
      Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times and vehicles must stop for pedestrians entering or in crosswalks.
    • Accessible Parking Regulations
      • Parking in an accessible parking space requires a certified handicapped placard displayed at all times from any state.
      • Faculty, staff and students with certified state issued accessible parking placards are required to also have an active registered Boston College parking permit posted on their vehicle if parking in accessible parking spaces on campus.
    • Speed Limit Regulations
      All vehicles, including Boston College service vehicles, electric carts, gas powered carts, bicycles, motorcycles, motorized scooters and all other wheeled vehicles are subject to these limits:
      - Surface roadways 15 MPH
      - Parking lots and garages 10 MPH
    • Traffic Control Regulations
      • All vehicles must stop at designated stop signs and stop bars painted on the road surfaces.
      • All traffic must obey surface arrows, one-way markers and signs.

    • Citations
      Group A - $0
      • Warning


Group B - $25.00

      • Blocking dumpster or another vehicle
      • Parking in violation of snow removal policy
      • Driving the wrong way on a one-way street
      • Failure to stop at a stop sign, for security attendant or pedestrian in a crosswalk
      • Parking or driving on sidewalk or grounds
      • Unlicensed individual or unregistered motor vehicle


Group C - $50.00

      • Not parked in a lined space
      • Exceeding time limit
      • Unauthorized overnight parking
      • Impeding emergency vehicles
      • Parking or driving on a sidewalk
      • Speeding
      • Damaging a parking violation
      • Failure to stop for a Police Officer
      • Using fictitious, falsely made, or altered University permit
      • Removing a barricade or crossing a barricaded area


Group D - $75.00

      • No permit or wrong permit
      • Parking in restricted area without proper permit


Group E - $100.00

      • Altered University permit
      • Obstructing fire lane or crosswalk
      • Transferred permit or falsification of vehicle information
      • Using fictitious, falsely made, or altered University permit
      • Removing a barricade or crossing a barricaded area


Group F - $125.00

      • Parked in an accessible parking space


    • Vehicle Towing
      • An illegally parked vehicle is subject to tow at the owner’s expense and fees are set by the state.
      • Occasionally, a vehicle may be relocated via towing, without warning to vehicle owner, for unforeseen traffic control reasons. Such a tow would be at the expense of BC.
    • Sanctions
      • Payment of fines is required within 14 calendar days of violation date unless a formal appeal is submitted and received through our online appeal system within 14 calendar days of violation date. Please wait two business days before paying or appealing a citation online.
      • Employee citation payment may be made through our online payment system or by personal check written to “Boston College” and mailed to Transportation & Parking, Boston College, 140 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill, MA 02467. Please wait two business days before paying or appealing a citation online.
      • Student citation payment is automated via billing to their student account.
      • Fines not paid within 60 days may result in towing at the expense of the vehicle owner.
      • Vehicles towed will not be allowed back onto Boston College properties until the fines have been paid.
      • Permits will not be granted or renewed if outstanding unpaid citations are on record.
      • Permits may be revoked or suspended for committing multiple Group C offenses.
      • Permits may be revoked if a person accrues 3 or more separate warnings and/or citations within 30 calendar days.
    • Administrative Action
      Boston College employees and students who are offenders of the following may be referred for administrative action up to and including dismissal:
      • Repeat offenders
      • Revoked permit status
      • Offenders in excess of 3 or more unpaid citations
      • Group C offenders
      • Improper use or use without permission of Boston College vehicles and equipment
      • Using Boston College owned or leased equipment not allowed by Massachusetts General Laws on roadways/sidewalks and grounds off campus
      • Group A and B offenders using Boston College vehicles and equipment



The Parking Advisory Council is designed to be an impartial body representing all segments of the University community. It is composed of faculty, staff and students. Boston College Police are members of the Advisory Council but do not have a vote in a decision concerning the appeal. However, they may be consulted in regard to questions concerning the interpretation of regulations or the specific violation.

The Parking Advisory Council meets once a month. All decisions of the Parking Advisory Council are final. Appellants will be advised of these decisions in writing as promptly as possible after each session.

Appeal Regulations:

    1. All appeals must be submitted through our online appeal system. Please wait two business days before paying or appealing a citation. Please click here to access the on-line appeal.
    2. Failure to file within 14 calendar days of violation date will result in forfeiture of appeal privileges. No appeal will be accepted after this period.


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