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Commuter Transit Benefit Program

tax savings & convenience

About Transit Passes

Boston College has a great Commuter Benefit Program for those who utilize public transit to get to campus.

You will be able to order your transit pass online and enjoy the benefits of a pre-tax payroll deduction.  By participating, employees make the purchase of their transit passes more convenient AND save money when purchasing them from the MBTA or other transit providers. 

While tax savings vary, the average is 25-30% of the pass cost.

Payroll Deductions

A payroll deduction will be taken in the month before your Pass Month.  For example: a July Pass payroll deduction will be taken in June.

Passes Mailed to Your Home

For MBTA Link and Bus passes, you will be mailed a new Charlie Card.  For each consecutive month in which you have an order, your pass will be updated on your existing Charlie Card.

For Commuter Rail and other transit passes (which are not the MBTA Link and Bus), you will be mailed a paper ticket or Commuter Check voucher each month. Passes will be mailed between the 23rd and 30th of the month prior to use.

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