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Listed below are the partnering faculty and institutions for The MediaKron Project.

The following Boston College faculty will be participating in The MediaKron Project:

Filippa Anzalone (Law School)
  Professor Anzalone's site helps students understand the evolution of art law. Key images plotted on a timeline and a map visualize the context of art law trends.
Shakespeare Lecture Course
Caroline Bicks, Department of English (A&S)
  Professor Bicks uses MediaKron in a Shakespeare lecture course. Students work in groups to generate content to be shared with the rest of the class.
Freedom and Emancipation: A Guide to Theological Questions raised by the
U. S. Civil War

Shawn Copeland, Department of Theology (A&S)
  Professor Copeland developed this MediaKron site to highlight slavery as an issue for churches. The site features images of key figures and documents in the emancipation movement and traces related discourse through a timeline and maps.
Professing Between Two Cultures: Faith Life and Intellectual Life in American Higher Education
Michael James (LSOE and STM)
  Professor James' site is intended as a contextual resource for students in courses on Religion in Higher Education and Catholic Higher Education. The timeline and map trace the social and religious development of higher education in the United States.
Educational Leadership and Higher Education
Ana Martinez Aleman (LSOE)
  Professor Martinez-Aleman's site uses the timeline to help graduate students visualize and interact with the important events, figures, and trends in the history of higher education.
A Student’s Guide to James Joyce’s The Dubliners
Joe Nugent, Department of English (A&S)
  Professor Nugent uses MediaKron in his advanced seminar course on James Joyce's The Dubliners. The site provides his students a framework for gathering and organizing content to be published in an iBook format.
The Interactive Political Map of the Middle East
Franck Salameh, Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures (A&S)
  Professor Salameh's project introduces students to Middle East history through a timeline spanning more than 5000 years and a collection of interactive maps that highlight important periods of political development.
What to Expect When Caring for the Expecting: Learning Resources on Prenatal Development
Colleen Simonelli (CSON)
  Professor Simonelli uses this MediaKron site in a course on Maternal and Child Health Nursing. The site includes a timeline of developmental stages and a map showing global practices related to pregnancy and childbirth.
History of Fashion and Décor
Crystal Tiala and Jacki Dalley, Department of Theatre (A&S)
  Professor Tiala's and Professor Dalley's site accompanies a new course on the history of fashion and decor from the late Renaissance to the mid-20th century. The site provides a societal context and a gallery of design elements to teach visual aesthetics and the role of design within cultures.

These outside institutions and their faculty will be participating in The MediaKron Project:


American Religious History
Christopher Evans, School of Theology
  Professor Evans' MediaKron project is used in a graduate course on church history in the US and an undergraduate survey course on American religious history. Videos, charts, and a historical timeline are incorporated for reinforcement.
Literature and the Art of the Depression Era
Gwen Kordonowy, Writing Program
  Professor Kordonowy's project examines various artistic productions of the Great Depression era. Students choose a research project in the content area and present media resources through MediaKron.
War for the Greater Middle East
Andrew Bacevich, International Relations
  Professor Bacevich's project allows students to pose questions charting the path of Western interaction with the Islamic world from 1914 to present. MediaKron organizes media, and serves as a place for class dialogue and a place to build course content.
The Art of Structural Engineering
Stephen Buonopane, Engineering
  Professor Buonopane's project examines the design of bridges and buildings from scientific, social, and symbolic perspectices. MediaKron organizes media by time period, location, and bridge type. The site serves as a teaching resource beyond Bucknell.
Construction: Layers of a Building
Mike Toole, Engineering
  Professor Toole's MediaKron project addresses the pedagogical challenge of teaching about building systems that are not visible. The site allows students to visualize what a completed building looks like based only on 2D CAD images and to learn 100+ technical and abstract terms associated with specific parts of a building.
Campaigns and Elections
Robert Boatright, Political Science
  Professor Boatright's students examine theory and practice leading up to and during campaigns and elections by following a specific campaign. MediaKron helps identify common themes as students work with pre-populated content and add their own.
US Broadcast & Electronic Journalism
Mark Williams, Film and Media Studies
  Professor William's project concentrates on specific debates, events, and individuals that have impacted the history of US journalism. MediaKron enhances the understanding of the formats, aesthetics, ecoomics, and industrial organization of the incorporated media.
Introduction to Hispanic Studies
Noelia Cirnigliaro, Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese
  Professor Cirnigliaro’s project explores major literary trends and cultural productions from the Middle Ages to the 17th century in both Spanish and Spanish-American contexts. MediaKron visually organizes media to help students understand this time period.
Spanish Civilization and Literature
Dr. Edgar Mejía and Dr. Monica Simal, Dept. of Foreign Language Studies
  This MediaKron project maps novels, poems, and short stories set in Buenos Aires, Havana and Mexico, integrating both current and historical maps. Students contribute articles, websites, images, and music related to passages to create connections.
Thomas Wilson Dorr Rebellion
Dr. Edward Andrews and Dr. Erik Chaput, History
  This project develops an online, authoritative, open access, educational resource about the Dorr Rebellion to engage in new forms of discourse. MediaKron complements an existing website as a multimedia encapsulation spanning the entire Dorr Rebellion.
The Introductory Biology Lab Series
Michael Buckholt, Biology and Biotechnology
  Professor Buckholt’s project develops links between procedural and conceptual learning in the biology laboratory. Timelines for lab curriculum are used along with links to necessary supplies, videos of procedures, instrumentation, and laboratory equipment.
Great Problems Seminar: Heal the World
Jill Rulfs, Biology and Biotechnology
  Professor Rulfs' project helps students define a need related to global health and design an intervention to address it. MediaKron organizes images, text, audio, or video from a variety of disciplines linked to a single health issue somewhere in the world. 
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