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Content on Your Site:  Filtering, Editing, and Deleting Content and Using Multi-Item Actions

manage project

There are functions on the site to filter, edit and delete content already on the MediaKron site. Multi-item actions can delete, publish, or unpublish multiple pieces of content at the same time.

To begin working with content in MediaKron, select
Manage Project on the top horizontal bar.


Select Content from the toolbar on the left.

content workspace

This will open the Content workspace within MediaKron. Content items currently on the site will be listed in this space.

sort title

Filtering Content

Content can be filtered using just one option. For example, content can be sorted by Title.

title and type

Content can also be filtered in mutliple ways. For example, the content can be sorted by Title and Type.


In order to filter by Title, Author, or Tags, enter text in the box above the description. If an Author or Tag is already in the system that matches the text, auto-fill will be enabled.

dropdown sort

In order to filter by Topic or Type of content, use the drop-down menu provided to select your filtering option.


Scroll to the right and click APPLY when the filtering options
have been entered.

audio content sort

The content in the workspace should filter according to the settings selected. In the example here, the content was filtered by Type so that only audio pieces would appear in the list.

ops column

Editing Content

In order to edit a piece of content, locate and select the "pencil icon" under the Ops. column.

This will open an editing space where the Title, Topics, Tags, Type, and other details of the content item can be

trash icon

Deleting an Individual Content Item

To delete a content item, locate and select the "trashcan icon" next to the Ops. column.

cannot undo delete

To permanently remove the item, click DELETE. If not, click

confirm delete

A message will appear to verify that your content piece has been deleted.

check boxes

Using Multi-Item Actions

Multi-Item Actions can be used to select, delete, publish, or unpublish multiple pieces of content at a time. Publishing a piece of content means that it will be viewable by users on the live MediaKron site. Unpublishing content means that it will no longer be viewable on the site. However, unlike when the "Delete" option is used, the piece of content will still be available in the Content workspace.

To work with multiple items, select the items by using the check boxes on the left of the content list.

choose an operation

After selecting the items, scroll up and use the Operations menu to delete, publish, or unpublish and select either the delete, publish, or unpublish option from the drop-down menu to perform the specified task on the checked items and click EXECUTE.

confirm deleting items

A message will appear asking to confirm that the correct
content has been chosen. Click CONFIRM to delete, publish,
or unpublish these items. To keep these pieces and return to
the previous page, click Cancel.

items confirmed

Once confirmed, a message should appear that verifies that the selected items have been deleted, published, or unpublished.

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