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Content on Your Site: Adding Images

add content image

To add an image to MediaKron, select Add Content.


To add an image, click on the third content option, Image.

edit space

[1] Enter the Title of your image and [2] the Topic under which the image will be organized. [3] Add any relevant tags in the Tags box using commas to separate multiple tags. [4] Click Choose File, choose an image from your hard drive and then select Open (This file must be less than 10 MB and in a .png, .gif, .jpg, or .jpeg format).

*Please note: any fields with red asterisks are required.

edit toolbar

In the space provided, write the text for the image item. It is possible to use the editing toolbar to style this text as desired. Copy and paste functions are also applicable.


On the top horizontal bar, various tabs give options to add your image to the timeline and maps on your MediaKron site.

Using the Date tab, place a content item on the MediaKron timeline. To display the image on the timeline, check the box next to Enable on timeline. Enter a year and month (if applicable) for your image file.

To set an End date for the item check the box next to Enable end date and fill in the year and month (if applicable). Use a four-digit number for years and negative numbers for dates BCE. Use a two-digit number for months or write the entire name of the month.

Please see the Timeline documentation for assistance on how to set up the timeline on your MediaKron site.

map image

To pin your image file to a designated map, check the box
next to Place this item on the map. To make the map you
currently see appear first when the image is selected, check
the box next to Make this map the default map.

Map of New York

Click the area on the map to pin the image (keep in mind that you can zoom in or out on the map). A red pin should appear to verify that the image has been added to the map in your desired location.

*Please note: a content item can be placed on more than one map if desired.

For instructions on how to create a map in MediaKron, please see the Map documentation.

save image

To publish the media after assigning details to your image, select SAVE, located to the right of the Title box near the top of the page.

verify save

A confirmation message like this one  will verify that the file has been created and added to your MediaKron site.

The television show, Friends

It is possible to view the image on your MediaKron site under the topic to which it was assigned. If the image is pinned to the timeline, to one or more maps, or is tagged, it is possible to view the item from those locations. In this example, the image file was added to the "Friends" topic, tagged as "60s," added to one of the maps, and tagged as the year 1965.

60s tag
map of NYC

If you have any questions, please contact

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