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Content on Your Site: Adding Image sequences


The Image Sequence item allows a user to upload between two and twenty images and layer them on top of each other, creating a sequence of blended images.

item type is

To Create Image Sequences in your MediaKron site

[1] Upload Images: Select Image Sequence as the item type on the Add Content screen.

bulk upload

Here is a screen that works exactly like Bulk Upload. Upload all of the images for the Image Sequence here. The upload order does not matter, as there will be an opportunity to re-order the images later in the process. The limit is twenty images. After choosing all of the files using the Add files button, click NEXT.

title caption

[2] Title and Caption Images: For each image that is uploaded, an Image Title and an Image Caption may be entered. The limit for Image Title is 50 characters, and the limit for Image Caption is 250 characters. On this screen, the file name can remain the Image Title, or it can be renamed, or left blank. After titling and captioning images, hit NEXT to proceed.

place this

[3] Place Images: The next step in the process is the Place Images screen. All of the uploaded images appear in a carousel. Above the carousel is a grid (represents full Image Sequence limits) with the active images in it, and a slider below it.

add button

There will be an Add Image button below the carousel. This
can be used to add images while in the order/placement
screen. This button will take the user back to the Bulk Upload
screen, but will save any changes that were already made to
the sequence.

edit in carousel

To resize or move the image, the active image will have "grab-corners." To activate a particular image, pull the slider to get to the correct place or pick the item in the carousel manually. Images can be deleted from and re-ordered in the carousel.

finish edit

The Image Title and Image Caption can be added or edited on this screen, only when that particular image is active (they can be left blank as well). When placement, ordering, and titling of images is complete, hit NEXT to proceed to the Item screen.

edit sequence

[4] Item details: The next screen is the familiar Item fields screen where Item Title, Topic, Timeline, Map, Tags, and Description can be updatd. The only addition to this screen is the thumbnail selection; highlight an image from the thumbnail carousel to represent the Image Sequence on the front end. To navigate back to add more images or edit the placement/details of the images, click on the Edit Sequence button on the item page. Once the item screen has been completed, hit SAVE to complete the Image Sequence.

*Please note: anything edited on this page affects the Image Sequence as a whole. To edit individual items in the sequence you must go back to the previous pages.

pin this

Image Sequences can be tagged, pinned to a map, or placed on a timeline like any other content item in MediaKron. You can do this on the Edit Image Sequence page or later in the edit mode.

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