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Organizing Your Site: Adding, Editing, Deleting and Sorting Tags

tag intro

MediaKron supports associating items in your project with tags. Users can then see content that is organized under each tag.

add a tag

How to Add a Tag

To create a tag, sign into the MediaKron site and then select Manage Project.


Select Organize from the left sidebar menu.

select tags

Select Tags.

click add a tag

Click on Add a Tag to create a new tag.

name tag

Enter the name for your new tag in the field provided. Click SAVE when you are finished.

tag list

Your new tag (titled "Test" in the screenshot here) should now appear in the list of tags on the Organize page.

edit a tag

How to Edit a Tag

Locate the tag you would like to edit and click on the "pencil icon."

rename tag

This will bring you to an editing space, where you can rename the tag. When you are done, click SAVE

updated tag

The message here will appear verifying that the tag was updated.

delete tag

How to Delete a Tag

Locate the tag you would like to delete and select the "trashcan icon."

verify delete

To confirm the tag deletion, select DELETE. To canel tag deletion, select Cancel.

verify deleted tag

The message here will appear verifying that the tag was deleted.

sort tags

How to Sort Tags

If you would like to change the order of your tags, use the "crosshair grab tool" to drag each tag up or down in the Organization list.  

*Please note that you must click on the crosshair grab tool
itself, rather than the tag name, in order to move it.

must save changes

The message to the right will appear after releasing the tag in its new place.

changes are saved

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click SAVE once you have finished organizing your tags. The message to the right will appear above the list of Tags.

reset to alphabetical

How to Sort Tags by Alphabetical Order

Select RESET TO ALPHABETICAL located at the bottom of the list of tags.

confirm alphabetize

Select RESET TO ALPHABETICAL to continue the task. To repeal this task, click Cancel.

verify reorder

The following message will appear to verify that the tags have been reordered.

tag cloud

Tag Cloud

As tags are added to items in the project, a tag cloud will be generated on the Tags page.

A tag cloud is a visual representation of the keyword meta-data used in the site. This format is useful for quickly perceiving the most prominent tags and for locating a tag alphabetically.

If you have any questions, please contact

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