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Executive Board Members

Resources for the Executive Board of Student Organizations

By becoming an executive board member of a student organization you will develop your leadership style and capacity, communication skills, and relationships with other students, staff, and community partners. You will have a unique opportunity to contribute to the intellectual, social, and, spiritual lives of students. Each cohort of student leaders is held to a high standard of performance and behavior by the Office of Student Involvement as they implement their own legacy of leadership.


Officer Certification

A degree audit must be uploaded to the MyBC form below that that proves a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.

President/Vice-President/Treasurer Certification Form


Primary Contact

Presidents and Vice-Presidents should be listed as the Primary and Secondary Contacts on each organization's MyBC page. Slect "Profile" and "Edit" to make these changes. Primary and Secondary Contacts will be used by the Student Programs Office to contact student organizations.



MyBC is a student organization and event management portal system hosted by OrgSync.  Each student organization is required to have a presence on MyBC.

It is required that all student organizations maintain a MyBC page. Please login to MyBC to access, edit, and/or update your page. Please contact the student organization team with any MyBC specific questions.


MyBC Web Support

All new Student Organization websites must be built and hosted using the tools provided in MyBC.  For basic instructions on how to get started please visit our web support page or the MyBC help site.  



All student organizations are required to complete training by the end of the academic year. Training can be completed by executive board or general members.

Have your members join the student organization training portal to RSVP for upcoming training events or to request credit.

Training is broken up by the following categories. After attending an event, you must complete the appropriate post event form to request credit. Each category links to the appropriate post-event form.

  • Mandatory Training – 10 credits
  • Cultural and Diversity Training
  • Health and Wellness Training
  • Religious and Spirituality Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Civic Engagement Training

Click here for more information about student organization training.



It is the responsibility of the executive board to ensure that student organizations abide by the following:

  • Be in good standing with the Office of Student Invovlement and Boston College *
  • Be consistent with the Jesuit, Catholic mission of Boston College
  • Have a Faculty/Staff Advisor
  • Create and maintain a MyBC account
  • Review constitution annually and update as needed
  • Have at least ten undergraduate members
  • Complete the memorandum of understanding on hazing
  • Register annually with the Office of Student Involvement
  • Not be funded by an entity external to the University *
  • Complete required credits of training
*See Student Organizations Manual for specific definitions.

Student Organizations are responsible for and must meet the following expectations in order to be in good standing at the University:

  • Abide by all University rules and regulations
  • Abide by the Student Guide
  • Exercise sound judgment in planning and executing events
  • Use SOFC funding for the purposes for which they were approved
  • Accept responsibility for any and all damages as a result of events
  • Take proper care for the maintenance of organizational space
  • Meet all financial deadlines and complete financial paperwork in accordance with policy
  • Communicate regularly with their advisor


All officers of Student Organizations must be currently enrolled undergraduates. All members of the executive board of the Student Organization must be in good standing with the University. Members of the executive board may not be on academic or disciplinary University probation. Failure of any executive board member to maintain good standing with the University and the failure of any president or vice-president to maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average may result in the removal from office.