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Tuition and Fees

academic year 2015–2016

Tuition Rates*


Per Semester
Per Credit
Per Course
Extra Courses Only
Woods College of Advancing Studies—Undergraduate
Woods College of Advancing Studies—Graduate Administrative Studies
Woods College of Advancing Studies—Graduate Applied Economics
Law School
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Lynch School of Education, Graduate Programs
Carroll School of Management, Graduate Programs
Carroll School of Management Full-Time MBA Program for Entering Students
Connell Graduate School of Nursing
School of Social Work
School of Theology and Ministry—Academic Year
School of Theology and Ministry—Summer
Undergraduate Summer

*Tuition does not include the cost of lab fees, textbooks, or other required materials for specific courses. Lab fees are noted below.  In general, full-time graduate and undergraduate students should anticipate costs for textbooks and course supplies of $1,300-$2,200 for the academic year. Textbook costs for specific courses can be found on the website for the Boston College Bookstore.


Residence Hall Rates

Residence Hall
Per Semester Rate
66 Commonwealth Avenue (double/triple)
Edmonds (4-person)
Greycliff, Newton, Upper Campus
Ignacio and Rubenstein (4-person)
Ignacio and Rubenstein (6-person)
Modular Apartments
Vanderslice, Stayer Hall, and 90 Campanella Way
Voute and Gabelli Townhouses
Voute and Gabelli Apartments
Walsh (8-person)
Residential Meal Plan



University Fees*

Medical Insurance Fall Semester (August 7, 2015 to January 10, 2016)
Medical Insurance Spring Semester (January 11, 2016 to August 6, 2016)
Freshman Orientation Fee
Per Year
Identification Card Fee
Per Card
Campus Health Fee (Infirmary)
Per Year
Lab Fees
Per Course/Per Semester
Law School Association Fee
Per Year
Registration Fees
Woods College of Advancing Studies
Per Semester
Summer Session
Per Semester
Late Registration Fees
Graduate Students
Per Semester
Woods College of Advancing Studies
Per Semester
Summer Session
Per Semester
Returned Check Fines
First three checks
Per Check
Additional checks
Per Check
Any check in excess of $2,000
Per Check
Student Activity Fees
Per Year
Graduate (A&S, STM, LSOE, CGSON, SSW) less than 7 credits
Per Semester
Graduate (A&S, STM, LSOE, CGSON, SSW) 7 or more credits
Per Semester
Graduate (CSOM) less than 7 credits
Per Semester
Graduate (CSOM) 7 or more credits
Per Semester


*All fees are proposed and subject to change.

The University reserves the right to correct typographical errors or to adjust the Tuition and Fees schedule at any time it deems necessary

The Trustees of Boston College reserve the right to change the tuition rates and to make additional charges within the University whenever such action is deemed necessary.

Matriculated students at Boston College are individually, personally, and primarily responsible to the University for paying all tuition and other fees associated with enrollment and room and board, if applicable. This obligation also applies to any additional tuition and fees resulting from adjustments to course schedules. Students remain responsible in accordance with University policy for tuition and fees for classes from which they have been withdrawn, been dropped, failed, or failed to attend. Students must formally withdraw from any/all classes that they do not attend in a particular semester. Failure to properly withdraw from these classes, according to the withdrawal timelines published by the Office of Student Services (, will not relieve students of their responsibility to pay any tuition/fees owed for such classes.

Students will be informed of the status of their accounts via an electronic billing statement. It is their responsibility to review the statement, to make payments by the due date stated in the billing statement, and to advise the University in a timely manner of any errors or discrepancies. They also agree that, in the event their account is delinquent, a registration, transcript, ID, meal plan, parking and diploma hold will be placed on their account. There will be a $150 late payment fee assessed to unresolved accounts by the due date. Failure to pay any balance when due may result in the cancellation of a student’s registration for the current academic term, referral of the account to a collection agency, legal action to collect any balance due, or any combination thereof.  Students will be responsible for all fees and costs incurred by Boston College for the collection of the past due amount, including collection and attorneys’ fees. They will be charged a fee of $25.00 for a returned check or returned electronic payment ($40 if this is a fourth returned item and $65 for any returned item over $2000).  

Students will not be permitted to enroll in classes without agreeing to accept financial responsibility as described below.

Notice of Consent to Collection Communications

I expressly consent to you, your affiliates, agents, and service providers using written, electronic, or verbal means to contact me as the law allows. This consent includes, but is not limited to, contact by manual calling methods, prerecorded or artificial voice messages, emails and/or automated telephone dialing systems. I also expressly consent to you, your affiliates, agents, and service providers contacting me by telephone at any telephone number associated with my account, currently or in the future, including wireless telephone numbers, regardless of whether I incur charges as a result. I agree that you, your affiliates, agents, and service providers may record telephone calls regarding my account in assurance of quality and/or other reasons. I have read this disclosure and agree that the Lender/Creditor may contact me/us as described above.