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General Information for Campus Employers

Welcome to Boston College student employment! The following general information pertains to the employment of BC Undergraduate, Graduate, and Law students, as well as to non-BC students, hired to work for Boston College and paid an hourly wage or on a weekly pay cycle.

There are two student employment periods during the year: Summer and academic year. Our Summer employment period begins Sunday, May 18, 2014, and ends Saturday, August 30, 2014. The academic year employment period begins Sunday, August 31, 2014, and ends Saturday, May 16, 2015. During the Summer, students may work a total of 40 hours per week, even if the student is working more than one job for Boston College that Summer. During the academic year, students may work a total of 20 hours per week, except during Christmas and Spring breaks when they may work a total of 40 hours per week, even if the student is working more than one job for Boston College during the academic year.

International students on an F-1 or J-1 visa are limited to working on campus for a total of no more than 20 hours a week while school is in session, as cited in immigration regulations; and, this includes all on-campus jobs, whether hourly paid or stipend paid. In addition, international students are only permitted to work full time on campus during vacation periods such as Christmas Break, Spring Break, and over the Summer (if the student is not taking classes). Weeks that include a one-day holiday such as Columbus Day or Good Friday are not considered to be vacation periods.

Hourly paid student employees are paid for actual hours worked. They are not paid for lunch breaks, holidays, or as a result of any emergency closing or early dismissal.

Boston College utilizes an enhanced student employment system for campus employers hiring BC students in hourly paid positions. This system provides web-based student job request and hiring functions, and as part of PeopleSoft's Human Resources Management application, it interfaces with PeopleSoft HR/Payroll, Kronos time collection, and PeopleSoft Financials.

Direct Deposit with any bank/credit union is the method used by Boston College to pay employees, including student employees. Please be certain that if you are hiring a student who will be a new University employee, he or she complete a Direct Deposit form, along with W-4 and M-4 income tax withholding forms, and brings them to the HRSC at 129 Lake Street on the Brighton campus. These forms are available on the HRSC web site at  They also can complete those forms online on their Agora portal “My Services” page when they have access after their hire forms have been processed by the University’s HRSC.  (Refer to “News & Notes” on the Student Employment main page for additional information). International students, however, still will need to go to the HRSC at 129 Lake Street, Room 100, on the Brighton campus with their passport, visa, and social security number or receipt, and assistance in completing paper tax withholding forms is available at the HRSC.  Permanent resident students will only need to bring their PR card to the HRSC.  It is suggested that students call ahead to the HRSC at 2-6415 to confirm the availability of the foreign tax specialist.

Any new University hire must complete the Employment Eligibility and Verification "I-9" Process. BC students will need to print a Form I-9 from the HRSC web site, complete Section 1 and bring that form along with original documentation (refer to the web site) to Student Services in Lyons Hall once that student has been hired. These forms also can be accessed from the Student Services web site. You will not be able to process the new hire of a BC student in PeopleSoft until the "I-9" process has been completed and the system updated accordingly.

Please remember that your department or office controls the posting of your student job listings on the Student Employment web site, and that the employer also controls the posting period in that job request screen in PeopleSoft.

Non-BC individuals, including recent graduates of Boston College, may not be hired by way of the online PeopleSoft process. A Hire Form, which is available on the HRSC web site, is used for hiring these individuals. Also, if they are being hired for the first time as University employees, these non-BC students will need to bring their completed Form I-9 along with original documentation to the HRSC. BC students who graduate in May may be employed in a student job for the summer only. Non-BC students also are restricted to the same maximum number of hours per week, and other policies, as are BC students.

Please contact the Office of Student Services if you have any questions concerning hourly wage student employment policies.

Contact the appropriate budgetary approval office if you have questions concerning budgetary matters.

Contact the Human Resources Service Center concerning the processing of hire forms in PeopleSoft/HR or time records in Kronos.

Contact the Office of International Students and Scholars if you have any questions about on-campus employment for international students.