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Medical Insurance

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Boston College is pleased to announce that the Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Blue Plan has been renewed and will continue to be offered to all eligible BC students for the 2015–2016 policy year, effective August 7, 2015. The Student Blue Plan provides comprehensive health insurance that includes access to Blue Cross Blue Shield's networks and pharmacies nationwide, a fitness benefit, as well as reimbursement for designated weight loss programs and access to their "Living Healthy Naturally" discount savings program. The annual cost is $2,775. Your student account will be charged $1,190 for coverage from August 7, 2015, through January 10, 2016, and $1,585 for coverage from January 11, 2016, through August 6, 2016.

Refer to the 2015–2016 Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Blue Plan Summary of Benefits and our Contacts and Questions section for more information.

Students who are enrolled in the student insurance plan and who are required to take a leave of absence from Boston College for medical reasons will continue to be covered for the remainder of the semester in which the withdrawal takes place. Coverage may also be extended for the following semester with approval from Boston College. Please contact the Office of Student Services for more information.

Returning Students – What’s New for 2015-2016:

A $150 In-Network per policy year deductible and $300 Out-of-Network per policy year deductible has been implemented.  You are responsible for paying the deductible before payment is made by the claims company.  Once you have paid the deductible, whether it’s applied to one service or multiple services, the plan will pay for covered medical expenses as indicated in the plan brochure.  The deductible does not apply to In-Network preventive care, prenatal care, office visits, mental health visits, therapy visits and emergency room visits.

All students will receive a new insurance card for the upcoming year.  Please be sure to update your local address so that you receive all communication. You can update your address in the Agora Portal.

Waiving the Student Health Insurance Plan:

Students who are enrolled in a health plan that is comparable to the Student Blue Plan may waive the BC coverage through the Agora Portal. To provide proof of comparable coverage, a student will need to have information about his or her current health insurance plan readily available. Incomplete waivers will not be processed. Waivers must be completed every year. All waivers must be submitted through the Agora Portal by September 25, 2015, for the entire academic year or by January 29, 2016, for the spring semester only. Students who do not complete a waiver prior to the deadline will automatically be enrolled in and charged the student-only premium for the Student Blue Plan.

Providing insurance information to other offices on campus (e.g., Athletics, Health Services) does not fulfill the waiver requirement. If a student does not complete a waiver with the Office of Student Services, either through the Agora Portal or on paper, prior to the deadline, he or she will automatically be enrolled in and charged for the Student Blue Plan.

Attention: International Students:

In order to insure international students are covered by a plan that provides coverage which meets or exceeds the Student Health Insurance Plan, international students are not eligible to waive BC’s Student Health Insurance Plan. If you are insured through a parent/guardian’s health insurance plan offered through a U.S. employer, or a government sponsored program, (for example Government of Kuwait/UAE or Government of Saudi Arabia) with coverage that meets or exceeds BC’s student health insurance plan you might be eligible to waive coverage. The waiver form for international students is available at

Students who initially waive participation in the Student Blue Plan and subsequently wish to enroll prior to the waiver deadline may rescind waivers on the Agora Portal or by completing the rescind waiver form found at After the waiver deadline, a student may enroll in the Student Blue Plan only on the basis of a qualifying event. Qualifying events include marriage, birth of a child, or loss of coverage from an existing policy. A petition to enroll after the published deadline can be found at

Dependent Enrollment:

Insured students have the option of enrolling their eligible dependents (a spouse or a child under the age of 26). You may download the form from You may also enroll dependents online at Dependents are enrolled by semester and you are responsible for enrolling and re-enrolling your eligible dependents each semester. The deadline to enroll dependents is September 25, 2015, for the fall semester and January 29, 2016, for the spring semester. Enrollment forms received after that date will not be accepted.



2015–2016 Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Blue Plan Summary of Benefits (PDF)

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