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Graduate Student Financial Aid
Award Information: Questions

The information linked to below describes the resources you have been offered in your Financial Aid Award Notification. Our goal is to accurately review your ability to contribute to your educational costs and ensure that Boston College has awarded you the best financial aid package available based on the information provided to our office.

Your eligibility for all sources of aid has been calculated based on this self-reported data. We have applied the federal needs analysis formula to evaluate your eligibility for federal assistance.

If you have been selected by the federal government for verification, all application information will be verified once all requested documentation is received. You can check in the Agora Portal to see what documents are required and received. To ensure proper processing of all assistance, carefully review the instructions described under each program.

What is the Cost of Attendance?

What if I have a special circumstance?

Is there any Boston College aid?

What are the different types of federal aid?

I am taking Summer classes. How do I apply for aid?

How do I apply for my Federal Direct Loans?

How will I know when my federal loans have been disbursed?

How can I decline some or all of my financial aid?

How do I get my refund?

Can I work while I'm in school?

How do I fund the rest?

Are there other resources I can explore?

What else do I need to know?

Where do I send my documents?

What are the office hours and contact information?