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New Financial Aid System Implementation Update

Due to the ongoing implementation of the new financial aid system, disbursements of summer loan funds and summer departmental aid are behind schedule. If you have been notified of your summer aid eligibility and are expecting a refund after your bill has been paid, that refund is delayed. If this will cause you undue financial hardship, please contact the Office of Student Services to work out an interim solution. If you are paying your summer bill, you may deduct your award or department aid and pay the difference. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


Activity on your student account could result in a refundable credit balance due to the application of financial aid funds, loan disbursements, overpayment of your student account balance, or any combination of the above.

Refunds of credit balances can be processed by Direct Deposit or by paper check. With Direct Deposit, you will receive your refund faster and without the hassle of picking up your check and then depositing it into your account. The service is free and completely secure.

To enroll in Direct Deposit, simply login to your Agora Portal account and select the "My Bill" option from the "My Services" page. Select the "Direct Deposit" link in the left navigation bar, and provide your account information. If you have stored a payment profile in "My Bill," you can use that account without having to re-enter the information.

Once enrolled in Direct Deposit, you can request your refund by selecting "Request Student Account Refund" from the "My Services" page in the Portal.

If you still wish to receive your refund by paper check, you do not need to provide any account information in "My Bill" and may proceed directly to the "Request Student Account Refund" link on the "My Services" page. Paper refund checks are processed only once per week. Please refer to the schedule below for details about refund availability.

Refund Availability Schedule

Note: You are no longer able to pick up a paper refund check in the Office of Student Services. Checks held for pickup are now located in Accounts Payable, 129 Lake Street.

Spring 2015 Start of Semester Refund Availability Information
The first direct deposit of student account refunds will be available on January 14. Your refund request must be submitted by Friday, January 9, to ensure delivery of funds on January 14. The first paper check refunds will be available on Friday, January 23. Your refund request must be submitted by Tuesday, January 20, to ensure that your check is either mailed or available for pick-up in Accounts Payable (not in the Office of Student Services) on January 23.

Refund requests submitted after the dates indicated above will be processed according to the regular schedule, as detailed below.

Refund Requested Direct Deposit Available
(funds available
in your account)
Paper Check Available
(mailed or available for pickup in Accounts Payable)
Monday Thursday Friday (following week)
Tuesday Friday Friday (following week)
Wednesday Monday Friday (following week)
Thursday Wednesday Friday (following week)
Friday Wednesday Friday (following week)
Saturday Wednesday Friday (following week)
Sunday Wednesday Friday (following week)

Refund availability is subject to change due to holidays.

  • For Direct Deposit refunds, the day shown is the day funds will be delivered to your bank. Please check with your bank regarding the timeline for posting to your account.
  • For check refunds, the day shown is the day your check will be mailed or available for pickup in Accounts Payable, 129 Lake Street.
  • Refund availability is subject to change due to holidays.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-294-0294 or