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The 2014-15 FAFSA will now collect information from a dependent student's legal parents regardless of the parents’ marital status or gender, if those parents live together. It will provide a new option for dependent applicants to describe their parents' marital status as "unmarried and both parents living together." Additionally, where appropriate, the new FAFSA form will also use terms like "Parent 1 (father/mother/stepparent)" and "Parent 2 (father/mother/stepparent)" instead of gender-specific terms like "mother" and "father."

The U.S. Department of Education

IMPORTANT: Federal Student Loan Consolidation is FREE!
Recently there have been advertisements and infomercials on the radio and television regarding defaulted student loan debt relief . Private companies are stating they can help stop harassing collection calls as well as restore credit for defaulted student loan debt. These companies are promoting a service for a fee of up to $500. The federal government will do all of this for free. You can consolidate your loans by visiting DO NOT be fooled! DO NOT pay anyone to consolidate your loans.

Questions about default repair and federal loan consolidation may be answered by our own BC Loan Repayment staff. Call us 800-294-0294 if you have concerns or need assistance.


Exit Interviews

Student Loan Exit Interviews

All students who are planning to graduate in December 2014 and have borrowed Perkins, Nursing, Law School, Sharp, Bank of America, Graduate PLUS, or Stafford loans while attending Boston College must complete an Exit Interview prior to leaving the University.

Exit interviews will be loaded to the ECSI web site in late November. All Borrowers will be notified via e-mail when the site will be available for Exit completion.

If you have any questions regarding your loan debt or consolidation and wish to make an appointment with a Student Loan staff member, you may call the Office of Student Services at 617-552-3300 or e-mail


The Office of Student Services offers a wide range of financial resources and information for Boston College students and their families.  These resources include:

Financial Aid Information:

 Student Account Information:

Just click on any of the links to find the answers to your questions or to just learn about the financial services available in our office.  And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions as you explore our site.

Want to learn more about federal financial aid? Visit

BC's Net Price Calculator (intended for first-time, full-time undergraduates)
Using the net price calculator, you can estimate your eligibility for financial aid from schools to which you plan to apply and estimate your out-of-pocket expenses.

IRS Form 1098-T Information
Certain tax benefits may be available to students who have incurred qualified expenses for higher education. To assist you in the determination of eligibility for an education tax credit, Boston College provides Form 1098-T.