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Academic Planning Guide for First Year Students

office of student services

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Welcome to Boston College!

We look forward to seeing you this summer when you come to campus for Orientation. In the meantime, we ask you to read the Academic Planning Workbook carefully. You may also download a copy of our Welcome Book.

Preparing for a Liberal Arts Education

As a student at Boston College, you pursue the ideal of a liberal arts education through a carefully balanced program of Core, major, and elective courses. The Core courses are the foundation of your liberal arts education. As you begin to study in this community of learners, the Core courses will expose you to the world of ideas in the humanities, fine arts, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences. These ideas will show you how others have lived and have thought, and they will help shape how you live and think. The Core classes will give you a breadth of learning while your major courses will provide you with an intensive, in-depth experience in one discipline. Elective classes in chosen interest areas will complement Core and major courses. Some students use elective courses to study another major or to minor in a discipline different from their primary major. The experience of carefully putting together programs of study will enrich your learning and contribute greatly to your intellectual development.

You will find at Boston College a rich variety of opportunities, programs, courses, and experiences that can help you develop your individual talents and interests to the fullest and simultaneously expand your technical skills and understanding of many aspects of the modern world. An education, however, is not a commodity. It is a process that will be of greater or lesser value depending on the initiative and energy you devote to pursuing it. You must actively engage in this process.



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