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Undergraduate Degree and Interdisciplinary Programs

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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences
Art History: B.A.
Biochemistry: B.S.
Biology: B.A., B.S.
Chemistry: B.S.
Classics: B.A.
Communication: B.A.
Computer Science: B.A., B.S.
Economics: B.A.
English: B.A.
Environmental Geosciences: B.S.
Environmental Studies: B.A., B.S.
Film Studies: B.A.
French: B.A.
Geological Sciences: B.S.
German Studies: B.A.
Hispanic Studies: B.A.
History: B.A.
International Studies: B.A.
Islamic Civilization and Societies: B.A.
Italian: B.A.
Linguistics: B.A.
Mathematics: B.A., B.S.
Music: B.A.
Philosophy: B.A.
Physics: B.S.
Political Science: B.A.
Psychology: B.A., B.S.
Russian: B.A.
Slavic Studies: B.A.
Sociology: B.A.
Studio Art: B.A.
Theatre: B.A.
Theology: B.A.

Lynch School of Education
Applied Psychology and Human Development: B.A.
Elementary Education: B.A. or B.S.
Secondary Education: B.A. or B.S.

Carroll School of Management
Accounting: B.S.
Business Analytics: B.S. (co-concentration only)
Computer Science: B.S.
Corporate Reporting and Analysis: B.S.
Economics: B.S.
Finance: B.S.
General Management: B.S.
Information Systems and Accounting: B.S.
Information Systems: B.S.
Management and Leadership: B.S.
Marketing: B.S.
Operations Management: B.S.

Connell School of Nursing
Nursing: B.S.

Woods College of Advancing Studies
Communication: B.A.
Information Systems: B.A. 
Corporate Systems: B.A. 
Criminal and Social Justice: B.A. 
Economics: B.A. 
English: B.A. 
History: B.A.
Natural Sciences: B.A.
Philosophy: B.A. 
Political Science: B.A. 
Psychology: B.A. 
Social Sciences: B.A. 
Sociology: B.A.
Theology: B.A.

Interdisciplinary Programs
African and African Diaspora Studies
American Studies
Ancient Civilization
Asian Studies
Catholic Studies
East European Studies
Environmental Studies
Faith, Peace, and Justice
German Studies
International Studies
Irish Studies
Islamic Civilization and Societies
Jewish Studies
Latin American Studies
Medical Humanities, Health, and Culture
Psychoanalytic Studies
Scientific Computation
Women's and Gender Studies