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Undergraduate Program

management and organization

Undergraduate Program Description

How can managers best develop and utilize the human capital in an organization and inspire their employees to thrive? Why do individuals and groups behave the way they do in organizations? What strategies should organizations pursue to grow and be productive? Our Management & Organization Department focuses on how to manage an organization's human resources and effectively develop and implement strategies for all types of organizations.

Through our programs, students develop the critical competencies for organizational success: leadership, communication, design, organizational development, and more.

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Concentration in Management and Leadership

The Management and Leadership concentration will help develop and enhance your ability to lead and manage people and organizations. These skills are highly desired by virtually all potential employers, making the Management and Leadership concentration beneficial to all Carroll School undergraduates.

Upon completing the concentration, students will (1) demonstrate an appreciation for the fundamentals and complexity of successful leadership; (2) identify exemplary leadership in themselves and others; and (3) demonstrate skills of effective leadership.

In addition to taking MGMT1021 Organizational Behavior or MGMT1031 Organizational Behavior—Honors, the concentration requires MGMT2127 Leadership and three electives. Two electives in particular are highly recommended for this concentration: MGMT2123 Negotiation and MGMT2137 Managing Diversity.

Required of all concentrators:

  • MGMT1021 Organizational Behavior or MGMT1031 Organizational Behavior—Honors
  • MGMT2127 Leadership

Three electives chosen from the following:

  • MGMT2110 Human Resources Management
  • MGMT2111 Ethical Leadership Skills
  • MGMT2119 Communication and Personal Branding
  • MGMT2123 Negotiation
  • MGMT2132 Managing Change
  • MGMT2133 Leading High Performance Teams
  • MGMT2137 Managing Diversity
  • MGMT2139 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT2140 International Management
  • MGMT2165 Managing in Adversity 
  • MGMT2170 Entrepreneurial Management
  • MGMT2173 Consulting Practice
  • MGMT2260 Leadership and Corporate Accountability
  • MGMT2265 Globalization, Culture, and Ethics
  • MGMT2270 Ethics, Public Policy, and the "Sin Industries"
  • MGMT4901 Independent Study (by permission of instructor)
  • MGMT5530 Capstone: Gender and Leadership
  • MGMT5548/UNAS5548 Capstone: Leadership and Mindfulness

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Minor in Management and Leadership for Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduates

A minor in Management and Leadership is offered to students in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, Lynch School of Education, and Connell School of Nursing who are interested in pursuing management careers. This minor focuses on the behavioral side of management by offering courses designed to increase students’ knowledge of leadership and management and build skills in these areas. Students must complete six courses offered by the Management and Organization Department. The Management and Leadership minor will help students develop and enhance their ability to lead and manage people and organizations. More specifically, students will (1) develop an appreciation for the fundamentals and complexity of successful leadership; (2) identify exemplary leadership in themselves and others; and (3) demonstrate effective leadership and management skills. The minor is completed by taking two required courses and four MGMT electives.

Required courses:

  • MGMT1021 Organizational Behavior or MGMT1031 Organizational Behavior—Honors
  • MGMT2127 Leadership

Four additional electives (any MGMT course including MGMT3099 Strategic Management)

The Management and Leadership minor prepares students for managerial roles in corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. The common thread is managing people. In addition, the concentration provides excellent preparation for a career in management consulting, which focuses on diagnosing and solving management problems in client organizations. 

For more information, please consult Professor Richard Spinello, in Fulton 430E or e-mail him at to set up an appointment.

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Entrepreneurship Co-concentration

Are you interested in revolutionizing markets or joining a firm that does? The entrepreneurship co‐concentration provides a strong background for launching and managing high‐growth ventures in nascent or high‐velocity industries. The curriculum introduces a set of tools and a way of thinking that will help students to navigate the uncertain, ambiguous contexts that often characterize new initiatives in established firms as well as start‐ups. The Entrepreneurship co-concentration is designed to be a second concentration for Carroll School of Management students. Up to one class from the co-concentration course list can be counted towards another concentration. 

Required Courses

The courses in the co-concentration include the following:


  • MGMT2170 Entrepreneurial Management

Required: one of the following two finance courses:

  • MFIN2210 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MFIN2212 Venture Capital/Private Equity

Students must also take two electives from the following list:

  • BSLW6604 Law for the Entrepreneur
  • ISYS3205 TechTrek West
  • ISYS3253/MKTG3253 Digital Commerce
  • ISYS6621/MKTG6621 Social Media and Web
  • ISYS3340/MKTG3340 Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • MGMT2123 Negotiation
  • MGMT2139 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • MKTG3156 Launching Digital Marketing
  • MKTG3158 Product Planning and Strategy
  • MKTG3170 Entrepreneurial Marketing

For more information, please visit:

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Information for Study Abroad

Students may take one or two electives abroad to count toward either the Management and Organization concentration or minor. In addition, it is sometimes possible to take the equivalent of MGMT1021 abroad. However, this must be approved prior to finishing the course by the Chairperson of the Management and Organization Department, who will need a detailed copy of the course syllabus, assignments, and readings.

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