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Undergraduate Program



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Undergraduate Program Description

Accessibility to preeminent finance faculty and cutting-edge academic research are key ingredients to providing undergraduate and graduate students with the tools and methods necessary to expand their understanding of finance. Rigorous training at all academic levels prepares students for the quantitative and analytical challenges in both the business and academic fields.

Concentrations and degrees for qualified students include:
  • Undergraduate Concentration in Finance
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Ph.D. Program in Finance

Our nationally recognized Finance Department, cited by U.S. News & World Report as among the top 25 in the country, hosts the Finance Department Seminar Series featuring top scholars from around the world addressing current research and trends in the field. These weekly seminars provide an engaging forum for students, faculty, and practitioners alike. In addition, informal brown bag lunches are hosted throughout the year by the Department.

Members of the Finance Department consistently facilitate meaningful interaction between students and professionals through an alumni advisement system which supplements faculty advisement in the areas of financial institutions, manufacturing firms, service firms, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

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Concentration in Finance

Finance Concentration Course Requirements
  • ACCT1021 Financial Accounting
  • MFIN1021 Basic Finance (prerequisite: ACCT1021)
  • MFIN1127 Corporate Finance (prerequisite: MFIN1021)
  • MFIN1151 Investments (prerequisite: MFIN1021)
  • MFIN2225 Financial Policy (prerequisites: MFIN1127 and MFIN1151, unless otherwise advised)
  • At least one elective from any finance course (MFIN) offered outside of the required core courses for a finance concentration. ACCT3351 Financial Statement Analysis can also be counted as a finance elective. MFIN66XX electives require senior status and permission from the Department.
Regardless of your concentration, we expect finance majors to have understanding in the following areas:
  • major investment, financing and governance decisions (e.g., capital structure, merger and acquisitions, dividend, board of directors, etc.) of corporations;
  • the risk and return tradeoffs in investment and know how to evaluate basic financial products (e.g., stocks, bonds and derivatives);
  • the role of financial institutions/intermediaries (e.g., investment and commercial banks, asset management companies) in the financial system;
  • the role of financial markets in the economy and the need for efficient regulations.

Please refer to Boston College's Course Information and Schedule link in the Agora Portal for finance courses currently being offered.

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Information for Study Abroad

All students wishing to study abroad must first meet with an advisor in the Office of International Programs (OIP)

If accepted into the study abroad program and approved by Richard Keeley, Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Program (Fulton 360), the student should then contact either the Department Chairperson, Ronnie Sadka (Fulton 560C), or Elliott Smith (Fulton 437) for elective course approvals.

The Finance Department requires that Financial Accounting (ACCT1021) and Basic Finance (MFIN1021) be taken at Boston College as prerequisites for any finance elective prior to going abroad. All required finance concentration core courses must be taken in CSOM only.

All approvals should be sought either by e-mail or in person, with all supporting documentation (course description, detailed syllabus, etc.).

All approvals should be obtained prior to going abroad.

However, in the rare circumstance where course selection is only available upon arrival at the university, you must e-mail the course syllabus to either the Department Chairman, Ronnie Sadka, or Elliott Smith before enrolling in the course in order to obtain approval. If the course is deemed a suitable finance elective, the Finance Department will send a confirming e-mail to you approving the course for credit.

No approvals will be granted after the course has been completed.

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