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Register for Classes Using U-Dial

Register for Classes

The U-Dial voice-response system has been replaced with a browser-based tool to access the online course registration system.

Click here to register.

  • Enter your username and password.
  • To register for courses, type in 2 for Student Information.
  • Enter “R” to register for courses.
  • Enter the 4-digit index number at the left of the course (ex:9749) or the 4-letter subject code and 4-digit course number and two-digit section number. Press the enter/return key on your keyboard. If the course is available, you will be given the following options:
    • Done: To update your schedule and exit
    • Save: To update your schedule and continue
    • Back: To retrieve your schedule thus far
  • Choose one of these options and type it on the line underneath your last course. If you have not finished registering for courses, be sure to "Save" often, so you do not lose your seat in any of your course selections.
  • To log off from the registration screen, type "Done." Press the enter/return key on your keyboard. Then follow the instructions on each subsequent screen. Exit the registration transaction completely and then reenter to ensure that you have registered successfully for all your courses.

Search Features

Use the "Browse Courses" screen to search for all (a) or open (o) sections of a course or to search by course title. From the registration screen, type "?" over the course to find open or all sections of that course or type "?" on a blank line and then the department abbreviation (ex: BIOL for Biology). Press the enter/return key on your keyboard. Check course status to determine if it is open or restricted.

If you want a particular section, enter the number on the upper left-hand side of the Browse Courses screen and then press enter. Type "R" to return to the registration screen without making a selection. Press the enter/return key on your keyboard.

Problems/Error Messages

If any of the error messages listed below appear next to a course, then it is not available:

  • Corequisite: You need to add the course's corequisite to your schedule. The options for the corequisite are listed at the bottom left of the screen. Choose one and then type the index number on the next available line.
  • Course Closed: There may be no seats left in the course or the department may be holding seats or sections of courses so they are unavailable during certain periods of registration.
  • Department Permission: Some courses including all graduate courses may be available to undergraduates with department permission only.
  • Duplicate Course: You may have listed two sections of the same course.
  • Invalid Index: You have entered an incorrect index number. Search Course Information and Schedule or the Schedule of Courses (PDF) for the correct number.
  • Restricted: Course may be restricted by school (e.g., For Education Only), by degree (e.g., For Doctoral Students Only), by major (e.g., For Economics Majors Only), or by class year (e.g., For Freshmen Only).
  • Time Conflict: You have listed two courses that are scheduled at the same time or overlap a period of time.

You will not be able to add this course or save your schedule unless you resolve the problem or remove the course from your schedule.