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frequently asked questions for students

What should I do if I don't see an icon in the "Syllabus" column?
If you don't see the "Preview" icon for a course, the instructor has not uploaded the syllabus yet. You can check back later or you may want to review a course syllabus from a previous semester.

How can I download Adobe 8, so I can see a syllabus online?
Information about downloading Adobe 8 can be found on the Help Center's website at

How can I open up the eSyllabus system with Firefox on a Mac?
For Firefox 3.0 and higher on a Mac a plug-in is recommended: This is a quick download which allows pdfs to open in the browser window with no prompts. However, this plug-in is not compatible with Firefox versions lower than 3.0. If you use a lower version of Firefox, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat. When you click on the icon to view a syllabus, a pop up window will ask you how it should be viewed. The default for Macs is "Preview." Change to "Adobe Acrobat" and the syllabus will open.

How can I access a syllabus online?
Students will be able to view and print syllabi from the "Course Information and Schedule" link on their Agora portal account. Select Search eSyllabus on the course information and schedule landing page, select Syllabus Search, and add keywords to the Search on Syllabus content button. You may also access syllabi from the More detail link on the course description.

Can I view a syllabus if I am not registered for the course?
Yes. If the "Preview" icon is listed, anyone who authenticates through can view a syllabus.

Why can't I see my syllabus on the Course Offering Schedule on the BC website?
The Course Offering Schedule from BC's A-Z is available to the public and is not secure. Access to online syllabi is secured by requiring faculty, staff, and students to authenticate by logging in to before they can view a course syllabus.