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Semester Online

Office of Student Services

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The Semester Online consortium includes Boston College, Brandeis University, Emory University, Northwestern University, Notre Dame University, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University, Washington University in St. Louis, Trinity College Dublin, and the University of Melbourne.

Boston College sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a GPA of at least 3.0 who are full-time day students are eligible to participate and can apply toward their BC degree one Semester Online course offered in the summer and is subject to Boston College policies governing summer courses. This course will count as an elective and cannot be used toward Core, major, or minor requirements.

A student taking a course during the summer is responsible for Semester Online costs. 

To take a course offered through Semester Online, visit for information about course offerings, syllabi, the admissions application, costs, and deadlines. As part of the application process, students must fill out a Student Petition for Semester Online Enrollment form and obtain the signature of their Academic Dean. Students may also download a PDF outlining the application process for Semester Online courses.

Semester Online courses are intended to supplement the existing Boston College curriculum and provide BC students with access to courses taught by faculty at other leading institutions. In general, a student should select a Semester Online course that does not duplicate a course offered at BC, and a student participating in study abroad should not take a Semester Online course at the same time.  However, exceptions may be made by the student's Academic Dean, especially for summer courses, if the Dean determines that the student's planned program of study does not permit him or her to take the BC course when it is being offered on campus.   

For additional information you may contact the Office of Student Services or send us an email at

Boston College students must complete the application and approval process for Summer 2014 courses no later than April 30, 2014.


Summer 2014 Courses

Course Title School Credit Hours
Psychological and Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Health Brandeis University 3.0
Life into Art: A History of Contemporary Art Brandeis University 3.0
Drugs and Behavior Emory University 3.0
Integrated Marketing Communications Northwestern University 3.0
Classical Mythology University of Melbourne 3.0
Leading and Managing: An Introduction to Organizational Behavior University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 3.0
Calculus II for the Life and Social Sciences University of Notre Dame 3.0
Classical and Molecular Genetics University of Notre Dame 3.0
Shakespeare and Film University of Notre Dame 3.0
Bioethics: Decision-Making in Biology and Medicine Wake Forest University 3.0
Critical Earth Issues Washington University in St. Louis 3.0
Environmental and Energy Policies Washington University in St. Louis 3.0
Introduction to Computer Science Washington University in St. Louis 3.0