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Deans and Department Chairs

Billy Soo, Chairperson, Fulton 552B

Advancing Studies
Rev. James P. Burns, Dean, St. Mary's South, Ground Floor

African and African Diaspora Studies
Martin Summers, Director, Lyons 301

American Studies
Carlo Rotella, Director, Stokes S419

Arts and Sciences
Gregory Kalscheur, S.J., Dean, Gasson 103
William Petri, Associate Dean—Seniors, Gasson 109
Michael Martin, Associate Dean—Juniors, Gasson 109
Clare Dunsford, Associate Dean—Sophomores, Gasson 109
Rory Brown, Interim Associate Dean—Freshmen, Gasson 109
Gene McMahon, Associate Dean for Finance and Administration, Gasson 107
Candace Hetzner, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs—Graduate Arts and Sciences, Gasson 108C
Robert V. Howe, Associate Dean for Admission and Administration—Graduate Arts and Sciences, Gasson 108

Welkin Johnson, Chairperson, Higgins 414
Kathy Dunn, Assistant Chairperson, Higgins 412

Business Law
Stephanie Greene, Chairperson, Fulton 420

Amir Hoveyda, Chairperson, Merkert 303

Classical Studies
Kendra J. Eshleman, Chairperson, Stokes S237

Lisa M. Cuklanz, Chairperson, Maloney 523
Don Fishman, Assistant Chair, Maloney 541

Computer Science
Edward Sciore, Chairperson, Maloney 567

Earth and Environmental Sciences
John Ebel, Chairperson, Devlin 309

Hideo Konishi, Chairperson, Maloney 482

Education, Lynch School of
Maureen Kenny, Dean, Campion 101
James Mahalik, Associate Dean of Faculty and Academics, Campion 312
Mary Ellen Fulton, Associate Dean of Finance, Research, and Administration, Campion 101
Elizabeth Sparks, Associate Dean of Students, Campion 135
Audrey Friedman, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Student Services, Campion 118
Larry Ludlow, Department Chairperson of Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation (ERME), Campion 336C
Penny Hauser-Cram, Department Chairperson of Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology (CDEP), Campion 239B
Ana Martinez-Aleman, Department Chairperson of Educational Leadership and Higher Education (ELHE), Campion 222
Susan Bruce, Department Chairperson of Teacher Education, Special Education and Curriculum & Instruction (TESECI), Campion 120

Suzanne Matson, Chairperson, Stokes S495
Robert Stanton, Assistant Chairperson, Stokes S385

Ronnie Sadka, Chairperson, Fulton 560C

Fine Arts
Claude Cernuschi, Chairperson, Devlin 431
Andrew Tavarelli, Assistant Chairperson, Devlin 414

German Studies
Michael Resler, Chairperson, Lyons 201

Kevin Kenny, Chairperson, Stokes S335
Prasannan Parthasarathi, Assistant Chair, Stokes S323

Honors Program
Arts and Sciences: Michael Martin, Gasson 109
Education: Audrey Friedman, Campion 118
Management: Ethan Sullivan, Fulton 412
Nursing: Sean Clarke, Maloney Hall

Information Systems
Robert Fichman, Chairperson, Fulton 410A

International Studies
Robert G. Murphy, Director, Maloney 394

Islamic Civilization and Societies
Ali Banuazizi, Director, McGuinn 513

Law School
Vincent Rougeau, Dean, Stuart House 307

Management, Carroll School of
Andrew Boynton, Dean, Fulton 510
Richard Keeley, Undergraduate Associate Dean, Fulton 360A
Elizabeth Griffith, Graduate Associate Dean, Fulton 346
Hassan Tehranian, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty, Fulton 550B

Management and Organization
Judith Gordon, Chairperson, Fulton 430A

S. Adam Brasel, Chairperson, Fulton 444

Sol Friedberg, Chairperson, Carney 317
William Keane, Assistant Chairperson, Carney 319

Michael Noon, Chairperson, Lyons 416

Nursing, Connell School of
Susan Gennaro, Dean, Maloney 292
M. Katherine Hutchinson, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, Maloney Hall
Sean Clarke, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, Maloney Hall

Operations Management
Samuel Graves, Chairperson, Fulton 354B
Linda Boardman Liu, Assistant Chairperson, Fulton Hall 354A

Arthur Madigan, S.J., Chairperson, Stokes N311

Michael Naughton, Chairperson, Higgins 335

Political Science
Susan Shell, Chairperson, McGuinn 231
Gerald Easter, Assistant Chairperson, McGuinn 229

Ellen Winner, Chairperson, McGuinn 343
Michael Moore, Assistant Chairperson, McGuinn 432

Romance Languages and Literatures
Franco Mormando, Chairperson, Lyons 304B

Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures
Michael J. Connolly, Chairperson, Lyons 210

Social Work, School of
Alberto Godenzi, Dean, McGuinn 132
Tom Walsh, Associate Dean, McGuinn 133
Teresa Touhey Schirmer, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Services, McGuinn 220
Sveta Emery, Associate Dean, Finance, Research & Administration, McGuinn 127
David Takeuchi, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, McGuinn 117

Sarah Babb, Chairperson, McGuinn 426

Summer Session
Rev. James P. Burns, Dean, St. Mary's South, Ground Floor

Crystal Tiala, Chairperson, Robsham Theater

Catherine Cornille, Chairperson, Stokes N333

Theology and Ministry, School of
Mark Massa, S.J., Dean, Simboli Hall, 9 Lake Street
Jennifer Bader, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Simboli Hall, 9 Lake Street
Jacqueline Regan, Associate Dean, Student Affairs, Simboli Hall, 9 Lake Street
Adam Poluzzi, Associate Dean and Director of Enrollment Management, Simboli Hall, 9 Lake Street
Adam Krueckeberg, Associate Dean, Finance and Administration, Simboli Hall, 9 Lake Street
Thomas D. Stegman, S.J., Department Chair, Ecclesiastical Faculty, Simboli Hall, 9 Lake Street
Jane E. Regan, Chairperson, Department of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, Simboli Hall, 9 Lake Street