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Summer Session Registration Instructions: Undergraduate Day Students

Office of Student Services

  • Boston College offers students two Summer Sessions:
    • Summer Session I: May 16, 2017 – June 23, 2017
    • Summer Session II: June 26, 2017 – August 4, 2017
  • You may make up no more than ten credits in a single summer.
  • If you need permission from AHANA Student Programs, Learning Resources for Student Athletes, or the Connors Family Learning Center, contact those offices directly for instructions regarding summer registration.


  1. Select course(s) from the summer course offerings.
  2. Download the Course Approval form from the Student Services website.
  3. Complete the Course Approval form and take it to the appropriate department if you want the course to count for major, minor, or core credit. You do not need department approval for elective credit.
  4. Submit the completed Course Approval form with department approval(s) to your Associate Dean’s office.

    MCAS: Gasson 109
    MCAS Freshman: Stokes 140
    CSOM: Fulton 315
    LSOE: Campion 104
    CSON: Cushing 202

  5. After you receive the Associate Dean’s approval and your April registration appointment time has passed, bring the Course Approval form to the Office of Student Services in Lyons Hall. The staff will register you for the course(s) and charge the tuition and fees to your student account.
  6. You may drop or withdraw from a summer class in the Office of Student Services before the second class meeting with no penalty.
  7. You must receive a grade of C- or better to receive academic credit.
  8. All courses and grades will be posted to your record as described below:

For Credit

Courses will count toward the expected number of courses or credits required for graduation and grades will be calculated into the GPA. Ordinarily, courses will receive credit only when they are used to make up course deficiencies previously incurred through failure, withdrawal, underload, or transfer.

For Enrichment

Courses will not count toward the expected number of courses or credits required for graduation, but they may be used to satisfy core, major, or minor requirements. Grades will not be calculated into the GPA, but they will be posted on the official transcript with an indication that the courses were taken for enrichment.

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