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Graduate Students Course Registration

frequently asked questions

Graduate Student Registration

Q: What are the registration dates and procedures for graduate students?
A: The fall registration period begins on April 11 and continues through September 5, 2018 at 11:00 p.m. for all graduate students, except for BCSSW students. BCSSW students in the class of 2019 will register on Monday, April 30 at 7:00 p.m. Registration for all other BCSSW students will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Graduate students in degree programs must register each semester until they graduate. If you find that you cannot continue in the fall semester, you should apply for a leave of absence with your dean. You may download a Graduate Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form.

Doctoral Continuation—Students whose departments require permission need to obtain an override for Doctoral Continuation and process it in the Office of Student Services in Lyons Hall.

Special Students—Graduate students including those using teaching vouchers who are not currently in a Boston College degree program and who want to take graduate level courses must apply as special students to the appropriate graduate school. Student teaching vouchers should be sent to the Lynch Graduate Office at the time of registration in Campion 135.

Q: Do doctoral candidates need to sign up for graduation?
A: Doctoral students who plan to graduate in May 2018 need to confirm their diploma names by February 1, 2018. Log in at and select “Diploma Name Information—View Edit” from your My Services menu. Enter your Eagle Number to view your information. Your name will appear as it is listed on the University’s student system. Follow the directions and post your password at the bottom of the screen, even if you have no changes. This will ensure that your diploma is ordered correctly and that you are listed in the Commencement Program.

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Selecting Courses

Q: Where do I find the list of courses that are offered for the semester?
A: You can search the Course Information and Schedule.

Q: How do I register?
A: Students register using:

  • U-View using the University's Information Systems (UIS)

Q: What if I have a registration hold?
A: If you have an outstanding balance on your student account or have failed to submit proof of immunization to the Health Services Office, a hold will be placed on your registration. If a registration hold message appears on the registration screen, you must see the appropriate office (Outstanding Balance-Student Services, Immunization-Health Services) to resolve the situation before you can register.

Q: How do I find information about my advisor?
A: Graduate students should check with their departments for advisor assignments.

Q: How can I audit a course?

A: Students in the Graduate School of the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Theology and Ministry, and the Connell School of Nursing may register for an audit online. Lynch School of Education, Carroll School of Management, Law School, and School of Social Work students must consult the Graduate Associate Dean’s Office before they can audit a course. Woods College of Advancing Studies students may not audit courses.

After the drop/add period (during the first seven class-days of the semester), graduate students who wish to change a course from credit to audit or audit to credit must go to their respective Graduate Associate Dean’s Office and complete a Graduate Course Exception form. Students in the Carroll School of Management may change a course from credit to audit, but not audit to credit.

After September 5, 2018, graduate students who wish to change a course from credit to audit or audit to credit must go to the Associate Dean’s Office and complete a “Graduate Course Exception” form. Students in the Carroll School of Management, Graduate Programs may change a course from credit to audit but not audit to credit. If you drop an audit before September 5, 2018, you will receive a 100% refund. You may not drop an audit after September 5, 2018. There is no cancellation of tuition for a course changed from credit to audit.

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Closed, Restricted, and WCAS (Evening) Courses

Q: How can I gain access to a course that requires permission or is closed or restricted?
A: Students may go to the department that offers the course. The department will do one of the following: decline permission, add the course to your schedule at the time, or provide you with a stamped override form that you should bring to Student Services, where the staff will add the course to your schedule.

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Credit Variation
If you need to change the number of credits for a course, pick up a “Graduate Credit Variation" form from the Office of Student Services. Have the form approved by the Associate Dean of your school and return it to Lyons Hall by September 5, 2018. After September 5, bring the form to the Office of Student Services and pay for the additional credits.

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Problems you may encounter when registering:

Invalid Password (Unable to sign-in to the UIS system.)
Check to make sure that you correctly inputted your username and password or pin. If you are still having difficulties, contact the Office of Student Services at 617-552-3300.

Wrong Course Number
Check to make sure you are inputting the correct course number: either the 4-digit index number or the subject code and four-digit course number with the two-digit section number. Check Course Information and Schedule at for course numbers.

Time Conflict Message
Check Course Information and Schedule again. If there is still a problem, there may have been a time change. The information on the system is correct, since it is the most up-to-date.

Course Restricted to Major or School
You must get the appropriate department or school approval to be allowed to override these restrictions.

Course Closed or Requires Department Permission
If a course is closed, please try again later to register for the course.

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Billing Information

Tuition and fees for the Graduate Schools of Management, Arts and Sciences, Education, Nursing, Social Work, and School of Theology and Ministry are billed in mid-June. Payment is due by September 8, 2018. All students should be registered for the fall semester by August 10. The tuition for the Law School is due by August 10, 2018. There is a $150.00 late payment fee for payments received after the due date. In severe cases, students whose accounts are not resolved by the due date may be withdrawn from the University.

Questions regarding billing and payment should be directed to the Office of Student Services, Lyons Hall, at 617-552-3300 or 800-294-0294.

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Summer Sessions


Eligible graduate students may register for the course they wish to audit on U-View. If you registered for a course as an audit, you will receive a 100% refund of tuition if you drop the audit by the first class day. After the first class day, you may not drop an audit.

There is no refund for students who change from credit to audit. To change a course from audit to credit or credit to audit, go to your Associate Dean’s office and complete a Graduate Course Exception form. STM students should contact Donna Derosa at 617-552-8440.

Eligible students may sign-up to take a course pass/fail through at the time they register. To declare a course pass/fail in the School of Social Work, contact Liz Cinquino at 617-552-4020. STM students should contact Donna Derosa at 617-552-8440. Students in CGSOM, GSMCAS, LSOEGP, and WCASGP may not take a course counting toward the degree pass/fail.
Summer Credit Variation

If you need to change the number of credits for a course, pick up a Credit Variation form from the Office of Student Services. Have the Associate Dean’s office sign the form and return it to Lyons Hall.
Tuition Refund Schedule

By the second day of class, 100% of tuition charged is cancelled. No cancellation of tuition is made after the second day of class.

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