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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I don't see an icon in the "Syllabus" column?
Check to be sure that you have accessed the Course Information and Schedule link from your Agora Portal account and not the Student Services website. If you don't see an icon for your course when you click on your course title, check with your department administrator or chairperson. Faculty members will only see the "Upload Syllabus" if they are listed on the master schedule with their Eagle ID number as the instructor for that course.

Department administrators, administrative assistants, or other eligible staff who don't see icons on their department's "Course Information and Schedule" web page need to have their chairperson contact the Office of Student Services for the correct permissions.

What should I do when I receive an error message telling me that my syllabus could not be uploaded?
Check to be sure your document has been saved as a pdf file. Visit the Creating PDFs page for information about converting a word document into a pdf.

Your syllabus will also fail to upload if the file is too large (>1.5 MB) or too small (0 KB).

How do I convert a word document into a pdf file?
Visit the Creating PDFs page for information about converting a word document into a pdf.

How can I download Adobe 8, so I can see a syllabus online?
Information about downloading Adobe 8 can be found on the Help Center's website at /offices/help.

How can I upload a syllabus for my cross listed course?
If your course number is listed in the Fine Arts department (ARTH, ARTS, FILM) and is cross listed with a course in the Theology department (THEO) and you are the instructor for both courses, you must upload the syllabus for both the Fine Arts and Theology numbers for the syllabus to be seen in both departments. If there are a number of course instructors, each of whom is listed on all the cross listings, then they will all have permission to upload and edit syllabi for all the cross listed course numbers.

Do I need to add the same syllabus for all my sections?
Yes, a syllabus is only associated with one course/section number. If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course, you will need to upload a syllabus for each section.

Department administrators and administrative assistants must upload the same syllabi for all sections of a course. For example, if a syllabus is uploaded for ITAL100301 Elementary Italian 1, students in ITAL100302 will not see that syllabus until it is uploaded for section 02.

How can students access my syllabus online?
Students will be able to view and print syllabi from the Course Information and Schedule page through their Agora Portal account. From the Course Information and Schedule link, they can search for and select a course, click on the course title to open the link to eSyllabus, and then click View Syllabus to open your syllabus. They will be able to see all the master schedule information for your course, including index number, credits, level, title, schedule, location, instructor comments, course description and syllabus.

Can I restrict access to my syllabus to those students registered for my course?
No. If the "View" icon is listed in the "Syllabus" column for your course, anyone who authenticates through can view your syllabus.

Can I change my syllabus after it has been uploaded?
Yes. When you select the "Upload " icon for your course, the "Syllabus Maintenance" page will open. From there you will be able to view or delete a syllabus and then upload a new one. eSyllabi are stamped with a "Last Modified" date, so you will know which version of your syllabus is currently online. When you upload a new syllabus, it will replace the original one, which will not be saved.

Why can't I see my syllabus on the Course Offering Schedule on the BC website?
The Course Offering Schedule from BC's A-Z is available to the public and is not secure. Access to online syllabi is secured by requiring faculty, staff, and students to authenticate by logging in to before they can view a course syllabus.