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BC BIGS is a partnership between the Volunteer and Service Learning Center (VSLC), Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay (BBBSMB), and Big Sister Association of Greater Boston (BSA) where BC students can serve as mentors to young people in Boston. BC BIGS is a great way to get involved in the Boston community, make a difference in a young person’s life, and meet other BC students who share similar passions.


Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting Big Sister applications.
We are truly grateful for the interest, but we are working through the matching process with the current applicants. Interested Big Brothers are still encouraged to apply.


You can participate in BC BIGS through the following programs:

BC BIGS commit to:

  • Volunteering regularly as a mentor to a young person, as defined by your specific program
  • Attending at least one mandatory training session each semester
  • Participating in the BC BIGS community through occasional meetings and gatherings
  • Participating in a small group with other BC BIGS
  • Regular communication with Match Support Specialists at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay or Big Sister Association of Greater Boston


If you are interested in becoming a Big Brother in the BC BIGS program follow these steps (allow 4-6 weeks for the whole process):

  1. Complete an application form and return it to the VSLC, McElroy 114 (applications will be available at the Student Involvement and VSLC Volunteer Fairs).
  2. BBBSMB will contact you to set up an initial interview and conduct a screening process. BBBSMB must accept you as a Big Brother in order for you to join BC BIGS.
  3. Get matched with a Little Brother.
  4. Once matched, you will be contacted by a BC BIGS leader and Graduate Assistant, Amy Gribaudo



Big Brother Justin

                                      BC BIGS Spotlight


Read Big Brother, and Boston College Junior, Justin Strahan's interview with Big Brother Big Sister of Massachusetts Bay to learn how his relationship with his Little Brother Jelani has developed.





big and little brother

Nick Santangelo, a Big Brother and Boston College Senior, wrote a guest post for the Boston College Career Center describing his time as an intern for BBBSMB. Learn more about his experience here.








Visit McElroy 114
Call 617-552-1317