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Nicaragua Faculty/Staff Immersion Trip


2013 Team:

Bartomeu Estelrich Barcelo - Assistant Director, Special Projects, Intersections
Monetta Edwards - Program and Events Administrator, Center for Centers
William Fehder - Clinical Associate Professor, Adult Health Nursing, CSON
Burt Howell* - Director, Intersections
Amy LaCombe - Senior Lecturer, CSOM
Micah Lott - Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Shawn McGuffey - Associate Professor, Sociology
Enzo Gustavo Morello - Associate Professor, Sociology
Kelly Rossetto - Assistant Professor, Communications
Daniel Ponsetto* - Director, Volunteer and Service Learning Center
Stephen Pope - Professor, Theology
David Twomey - Professor, Business Law, CSOM
Christopher Wilson -  Professor, English
Jean Yode - Associate Director, Student Programs Office
Cynthia Young - Associate Professor, English

* indicates trip leader


There have been 10 Nicaragua Faculty/Staff Immersion Trips dating back to 2003.  For a list of other trips, participants, and photos, please click here.