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A Few Thoughts About Seeking Roommates
to Share an Apartment

office of residential life

Living with others can be an enriching experience. Sometimes people with very different interests can still have compatible lifestyles. On the other hand, living with a good friend can sometimes create an unpleasant experience.

With these things in mind, you begin your search for a roommate. Once you have decided on one or more persons with whom to live, it is particularly important to conduct a frank discussion concerning a "Roommate Agreement" and daily living in a roommate relationship.

It is important to include in your discussion positive characteristics that you are seeking in a person, as well as unacceptable traits. By doing this, the chance of something "minor" turning into a "major" problem is far less. It is also good to discuss topics such as cleaning, neatness, food, cooking, household supplies, borrowing, guests, music, television, smoking, alcohol and drugs, study time and places, sleeping time, privacy, and pets. All of these things must be discussed before you sign any legally binding contract such as a lease.

In terms of daily living with roommates, it is best to keep in mind four crucial points: communication, commitment, consideration, and mediation. When you keep the air open to communication, problem solving becomes easier. You must realize your responsibilities after entering into your living situation and remain committed to making it work.

Be aware of how your roommates know when you are not yourself and dealing with stress. This will assure them that you are not angry with them. Just like you, your roommates need to hear positive comments.

It is most likely that you will be able to work out most of your problems amongst yourselves. However, if nothing seems to work and things have become too out of hand, seek mediation. Never hesitate to look for outside help, because even though living on your own in an apartment can be fun and exciting, it can also turn into a disaster if not taken seriously.

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